Humility at Work

This current generation is tied to technology and, as a result, is conditioned to expect immediate access to all of life’s amenities. It’s almost like effortlessness has become their culture value.

Amanda Rogers, a senior at Cincinnati Christian University, is the antithesis of this stereotype. Her life is defined by a work ethic that made a difficult path seem easy.

Amanda grew up in a family of hardworking individuals. Her parents were often called to work throughout the night, forcing Amanda and her siblings to learn to fend for themselves. Amanda quickly discovered, however, that the two younger children were struggling. Seeing a need, she stepped in as their de facto mother.

Even though Amanda served her siblings wholeheartedly, she was still a teenager—there were times she needed a break. Amanda often visited the family across the road, building a special relationship with Leanna, a farmer’s wife and mother of three children. During the height of their relationship, Leanna was diagnosed with cancer and died suddenly. The children’s father had no idea how he would raise them alone, so he turned to Amanda for assistance. Again, Amanda went to work. She woke up at five-o’clock every morning to take care of five children (her two siblings and the three kids of the farmer), all under the age of 12.

One of Amanda’s priorities was attending church. But just getting there was a hassle. Without an automobile, Amanda often biked to church. And in order to get the kids there too, she would ask the people at church for rides. Amanda was insistent that she and the children attend worship services because she knew it would enhance their lives.

It was at church when she first heard about CCU and Amanda decided to make it a goal to attend. But after her high school graduation, Amanda’s father requested that she stay at home to continue to assist with the children. In order to honor her family, Amanda selflessly decided to put off college for a year.

When Amanda finally made it to campus, she became renown for her incredible work ethic. At CCU, she has worked for the maintenance department (cleaning President’s Hall), played for the women’s soccer team and currently serves as a resident assistant in the Phyllis Rine dorm. Hard work has always been the modus operandi for Amanda’s life and her service makes our campus a better place.

British philosopher James Allen sums up Amanda’s life well, observing that, “in all human affairs there are efforts, and there are results, and the strength of the effort is the measure of the result.” Amanda’s life displays the results of a hardworking woman, committed to the message of the gospel and to selflessly helping others.

Written by Nate Kline, 2011 graduate, M.A. student at Cincinnati Bible Seminary.