Tornado Relief

Members of our CCU family are responding in a variety of ways to assist those who were affected by the tornadoes that touched down in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana on March 2. Faculty, staff, students, and alumni are reaching out individually and through their local churches.

Here are some additional ways we can help:

1. We are still accepting cash gifts from faculty, staff, students, alumni, and others to our CCU Benevolence Fund. Checks should be made out to “CCU.” Every dollar designated for “Tornado Relief” will be distributed to a church in one of the communities affected by the tornadoes. If you have questions, contact Jeanette Pressley at

2. We encourage the entire CCU family to pray for:
· the families who have lost loved ones,
· the residents who have suffered the loss of their property,
· the volunteers, community leaders and public servants who are assisting with the cleanup,
· the churches who are ministering to the suffering.

We held a special prayer time on campus after our students returned from spring break.

3. This week, President Faust will personally deliver checks from the CCU Benevolence Fund to some of the churches in the affected areas.

4. We have been in contact with International Disaster Emergency Services (IDES), a Christian organization that has volunteers on the ground in a number of communities damaged by the tornadoes. You can contact IDES directly at:

International Disaster Emergency Service
PO Box 60
Kempton, IN 46049-0060

(765) 947-5100

During our Community Service Day, CCU students to Holton, Indiana to help with the clean up there. Below are some pictures from the day.