Letter From Dr. David Faust



The following is a letter shared with the faculty and staff of Cincinnati Christian University in a special meeting on Friday November 1st.



“Life is lived in chapters. Blessed is the man who knows his page number.” (Max Lucado)

November 1, 2013

To the CCU Family:

I am now in my 12th year as President and in my 20th year of full-time employment with CCU. As I have prayerfully considered the Lord’s leading, I have determined that it’s time for me to conclude my service as President during the current school year.

Candy and I sense a growing desire to serve in the local church for the next season of our ministry. Several months ago, East 91st Street Christian Church (E91) in Indianapolis, where I served before coming to CCU in 2002, asked me to come back and rejoin their staff. I didn’t look for this opportunity; the church asked me to consider it. The job description fits my gifts and experience: doing pastoral and outreach work, teaching God’s Word, and serving as a senior advisor to the elders, senior minister, and staff. I have kept the Board of Trustees informed as Candy and I wrestled with this decision by praying and seeking wise counsel, and although they don’t want us to leave, the trustees understand and support us in this move.

Candy and I have given our all to this job. We love CCU and we will continue to be strong advocates for the school. We believe passionately in CCU’s mission, and we treasure the positive relationships we enjoy with students, alumni, faculty, staff, donors, board members, church and community leaders, and other stakeholders. However, we feel a growing sense of release from our calling here, especially after the restructuring of the university and the successful completion of the site visits by our accrediting associations this fall. No one is pushing me out, but the Lord has been tugging. It’s simply time to go.

The trustees have invited me to continue serving as CCU’s part-time Chancellor after my service as President concludes. In this role I will serve at the discretion of the new President—not responsible for day-to-day operations, but advising and assisting with public relations and fund-raising. I am particularly excited about helping to complete the Rine Hall renovation project, which will benefit CCU for years to come.

I will work with the trustees and our faculty-staff leaders to ensure a smooth transition as they take steps to identify CCU’s next President, and as Candy and I prepare for our ministry in Indianapolis. The timing of all this depends on what is best for CCU and for the church. My presidency officially will conclude no later than CCU’s Commencement Services on May 16-17, 2014.

It has been a privilege to serve as the seventh President of Cincinnati Christian University. Soon God will provide a new leader to continue the pursuit of our mission, “building Christian leaders to serve the church and shape the world.” May God bless CCU as we continue teaching thousands who will impact millions for Christ.

Your Coworker in the Cause,
Dr. David M. Faust


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