At the beginning of 2013, Cincinnati Christian University realigned our academic structure, moving from three overlapping divisions into six distinct colleges. While the execution of the reorganization will take place throughout the Spring 2013 semester, the structure will be fully implemented by the Fall 2013 semester.

The Foster School of Biblical Studies
College Dean: Paul Friskney
Degrees offered: Biblical Studies

The School of Business
College Dean: Aaron Burgess
Degrees offered: Business Management

The School of Education and Behavioral Sciences
College Dean: Jodie Edwards
Degrees offered: Education, Psychology, Counseling

The Russell School of Ministry
College Dean: Michael Shannon
Degrees offered: Ministry, Music

The College of Adult Learning
College Dean: Judy Pratt
Degrees offered: Organizational Leadership, Ministry, Business

The Cincinnati Bible Seminary
Dean: Johnny Pressley
Degrees offered: Bible, Theology, Church History, Ministry