Our Ministry Major is designed to:

  • give the adult student a strong Biblical foundation with additional emphasis in various styles and forms of leadership in ministry
  • provide practical applications in the areas of leadership and Christian worldview
  • allow you to study under experienced faculty instructing you in Ministry, Theology, Programming Strategies and more
  • increase your Biblical knowledge, develop your Ministry skills, and align with God’s purpose.

Graduates of this fully accredited program have gone on to serve in churches and non-profits throughout the region, in the areas of preaching, youth, childrens and worship ministries, and leadership.


Effective Spring of 2013, our Ministry program will require 120 semester hours for graduation: 36 hours of general education courses, 54 hours in the professional core courses (including biblical/theological courses), and 30 hours of Ministry and open electives.

The general education core will demand 6 hours of English Composition, 3 hours of Literature, 3 hours of Communication, 6 hours of Behavioral/Social Sciences, 3 hours of Science, 3 hours of History, 3 hours of Philosophy, 3 hours of Math, 3 hours of History of the Restoration Movement and 3 hours of Christian Ethics.

The Ministry professional core will consist of the following classes: Pauline Epistles, Counseling Principles, Biblical Preaching/Teaching, Introduction to Evangelism, Organizational Leadership, Communication for Leadership, Personal Finance, Business Ethics, Teams and the Work Process, Organizational Financial Decision Making, Strategic Planning and Decision Making and Contemporary Issues in Leadership.

Additionally, students will be required to complete the following courses in biblical studies and theology: Acts of the Apostles, Bible Survey, Introduction to Gospels, Hermeneutics, Old Testament History, Old Testament Poetry and Prophecy, Christian Worldview, Introduction to Evangelism and Basic Bible Doctrines.