Since 1924, thousands of men and women have attended Cincinnati Christian University and consider CCU home. The CCU Alumni Association exists to provide our family opportunities to engage and support their alma mater.

Homecoming 2015

Thanks for all who made homecoming 2015 a success. We had nearly 200 CCU alumni involved in the many different events over the course of the weekend. Plan on attending next year’s event: Homecoming 2016 will take place on October 29th.

Recent Events

  • October 15

    CALL Reunion (6pm)

  • October 16

    Alumni Sports Matches

  • October 17

    Alumni Brunch

News of Alumni

  • Luke (Class of ’10) & Kathleen Davidson gave birth to another son in May. Walker joins his twin siblings, Jack Henry and Hadley.
  • Brent & Jess (Maslyn– Attnd 2010s) Register gave birth to their first child, Layla. She was born in May.
  • Greg & Valerie (Maslyn– Class of ’14) Tabar gave birth to their first child, Noah. He was born in May.
  • Michael (Class of ‘14) & Arianna Hill gave birth to a daughter named Aniyah in April. She joins her brother LeShawn.
  • Matthew (Class of ‘14) & Mandy Lucke welcome another son to their family. Zach joined his big brother Andrew in April.
  • David (Class of `71) & Patti (Attd 1960s) Jefferson are beginning a new ministry for their early retirement years. “Call To Go” is a traveling ministry of volunteering at various para-church ministries across the country. They will travel & live in their 40 foot fifth wheel RV. This year’s itinerary includes: Butler Springs Christian Camp, Grundy Mt. Mission, Voice of the Martyrs, Navajo Trails, and Lake Aurora Christian Camp. Plus, they will seek to serve the churches in each of these areas. Contact info can be found on their website:
  • Bob (Attd 1950s) & Nell Stacy will be celebrating 60 years of marriage this coming June 4. Congratulations!
  • CJ Stephens (Class of ‘10 & ’14) is the new Small Groups Pastor at Northeast Christian Church in Louisville (starting in May). He is closing out a music ministry at Milford Christian Church near Cincinnati.
  • Jeff (Class of ’15) & Elizabeth McLintic gave birth to a baby boy in March. His name is Bentley.
  • Joel & Kristen (Kelley) Willison (both Class of ’07) are rejoicing over the birth of their second daughter, Holland. She joined her sister Hadley in March.
  • Ethan (Class of ’06 & ’08) and Misty (Martin – Class of ‘06) Stivers give birth to their fourth child, naming her Rhenn. Lincoln, Addison, and Emara welcomed their baby sister in March
  • Alta Martin(Class of ‘38) is doing well at almost 98 years of age. She is living in Norman, OK, and enjoys her many family members and friends there. She follows with interest all that is going on at CCU.
  • Vicki Martin Reynolds(Class of ‘73) just retired from her Marriage and Family Practice. She has 3 sons, 9 grandchildren and is moving to Norman, OK. Where her husband got a new position at the University of Oklahoma.
  • AndrewCarly (Hartman – Classes of ‘10 & ‘13) Nagel gave birth to a daughter, Saylor, in March.
  • MikeKim (AzcarragaFightmaster (both Class of ‘08) gave birth to a daughter in March. Remy joins her big brother Leo.
  • Tyler(Class of ‘12) & Lindsay (Faull – Class of ‘10) McKenzie gave birth to their first child in February. His name is Palmer.
  • TristanBrooklyn (BauereisHess (both Attd 2000s) gave birth to Levi in February.
  • Kyle (Class of ‘08) & Megan (Johnston– Class of 2014) Cannon gave birth to triplets in January. They named their daughters Ellie, Ruthie, and Libby.
  • Matt(Class of ‘03) & Alanna Coffey gave birth to a daughter in January. Rosie joins her brother Malcom.
  • Mark& Amy (Horwath – Attd 2000s) Roberts gave birth to Scarlett in January.

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