Since 1924, thousands of men and women have attended Cincinnati Christian University and consider CCU home. The CCU Alumni Association exists to provide our family opportunities to engage and support their alma mater.

Homecoming 2016

Save the Date! Homecoming is on October 29, 2016. Please bring the whole family!

Recent Events

  • October 15

    CALL Reunion (6pm)

  • October 16

    Alumni Sports Matches

  • October 17

    Alumni Brunch

News of Alumni

  • Brandae and Kyle (Class of ’13) Sweetland welcomed their daughter, Selah, in May.
  • Zane and Jessica (Thompson – Class of ’15) Griggs celebrated their wedding on May 30 this year.
  • Bethany and Gabe (Class of ’11 & ’14) Miller gave birth to their first daughter, Eyra, in June.
  • Dustin (Class of ’15) and Cara Dalton celebrated their wedding on June 12.
  • Nathan (Class of ’15) and Estephany Chestnut were married this year on June 13.
  • Tyler (Class of ’14) and Charissa Wines celebrated their summer wedding this year on June 20.
  • Hayden (Class of ’15) and Abigail (Oliver – Class of ’14) Hagerman were also married on June 20 this year.
  • Amy (Attd. In the 90’s) and Tim (Class of ’95 & ’13) Dunn adopted their new baby boy, Christopher, in July.
  • Julia and Tim (Class of ’09 and ’10) Captain welcomed their son, Barnabas, this July.
  • Stefanie and Matt (Class of ’09) O’Neil gave birth to their third child, Carter, this past July.
  • Taniere (Class of ’14) Harris gave birth to her son, Levi, this July.
  • Elizabeth and Josh (Class of ’05 and ’07) Swafford celebrated the adoption of their new daughter, Hannah, in August.
  • Anni and Andrew (Class of ’04 and ’06) Monk celebrated the birth of their twins, Ruary and Cian, in August.
  • David (Class of ’15) and Natalie Warrick were married this year on August 1.
  • Jenna (Pressley – Class of ’07) and James (Class of ’08) Davis welcomed their second son, Joshua, in August.
  • Hasmik Chakaryan (Class of ’09) gave birth to her daughter, Mané Eléna, this August.
  • Rebecca (Zugg – Class of ’12) and Micah (Class of ’12) Herrick celebrated the birth of their second child, Luci, this August.
  • Tiffany (Shiflett – Class of ’10) and Cory Adamson welcomed their second child, Avery Sophia, this August.
  • Chrissy and Brian (Class of ’08) Cotton celebrated the birth of their twins, Isabella and Isaac, in August.
  • Betsy (Prosise – Class of ’11) and Nathan Smith welcomed their son, Obadiah, in early September.
  • Megan (Lacy – Class of ’10) and Andrew (Class of ’10 & ’12) Bernardez celebrated the birth of their son, Samuel, this September.
  • Suzy and Nick (Class of ’12) Killin gave birth to their second child, Nehemiah, in September.
  • Deana (Stowe – Class of ’01) and Matt (Class of ’02) Coulter welcomed their third daughter, Addyson, into their family this September.
  • Sara and Brandon (Class of ’14) Kelley gave birth to their second daughter, Piper, this September.
  •  Amber (Turnbo – Class of ’09) and Alex (Class of ’08 and ’14) Kaufman rejoiced in finalizing their adoption of Ezra in October.
  • Chris and Erin Keith (Classes of ’02 & ’03) welcomed their son, Michael Aaron, in November 2015.
  • Brock and Corie Lusch (Classes of ’08 & ’09) welcomed their daughter, Ruby Autum, in November 2015.
  • Brian (Class of ’09) & Melissa Brunke welcomed their daughter, Allison Noelle, in December of 2015.

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