Alumni Scholarships

The Alumni Association administers a scholarship program which is separate from the CCU scholarship program. Applications are available online in the beginning of the second semester of each school year and must be completed along with the reference questionnaires by March 28. Scholarships are available to all CCU students and are awarded based on Christian character, academic merit, intended area of ministry, and financial need. The Alumni Scholarship recipients are announced in May. Scholarship money comes from special gifts from alumni, friends of CCU, classes, and the interest earned from investments.

Rich Mullins Worship and Music Scholarship

The Rich Mullins Worship and Music Scholarship is an alumni-administered scholarship. It is a scholarship to honor the life, talent, and contributions of one of CCU’s most famous alumni. The purpose is to inspire and motivate young people with musical ability and a demonstrated desire to minister through music and worship. The Mullins Scholarship was first given in 2008. Recipients have been: Marissa Rinehart – `08; Brian Higgins – `09; Leah Claibourne and Brian Higgins – ’10; Caleb Sullivan – ’11; Tyler Wines – ’12;┬áBlake Ford and Kendra Westrich – ’13; Brandon Drake and Sarah Griswold – ’14.

To apply for an Alumni Scholarship:
1. Click here to fill out the APPLICATION

2. Give the Online reference forms link to three individuals, two of which need to be members of the faculty and staff at CCU. References are submitted online and should not be printed. CLICK HERE FOR REFERENCE.

Music Students: Rich Mullins Music and Worship Scholarship
1 .Click Here to complete the Mullins Alumni Scholarship Application form.

2. Give the Reference online form to three individuals. (One of your references should be a member of the faculty or staff at CCU.) CLICK HERE FOR REFERENCE.

Gifts to the Alumni Scholarship Fund and the Mullins Scholarship are encouraged and welcomed. The money given is endowed and only the earnings are awarded as scholarship money, so your gift will continue to bless students in years to come.