Academic Support

Academic Support Office
The mission of the Academic Support Office is to provide services to enable students to be successful and to experience personal satisfaction and fulfillment in their roles as students.

Academic Support Office Programs
All students can participate in programs and services offered by the Academic Support Office. Students can participate in services geared to the individual including tutoring, mentoring, and accountability programs, as well as group-oriented programs such as study-skill seminars and study groups. Students seeking academic assistance should come to the Academic Support Office to learn more about the services that are offered and how they can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual student.

The Academic Support Office works with all students who have been placed on academic probation or warning as well as all students who are conditionally admitted to the college. These students are required to participate in one of the Academic Support Office programs which are designed to help the student get back in good academic standing.

Evan Bolejack Learning Center
The Evan Bolejack Learning Center is housed in the Worship and Ministry Building across from the Academic Support Office and serves as the tutoring center for the university. The Center is staffed by trained tutors who themselves are students in the seminary or undergraduate programs. Tutoring is offered daily during the week and is free to students. Tutors hold individual and group study sessions; in addition, tutors can work with students in need of time management skills, study skills, and test preparation..

Services for Students with Disabilities
The Academic Support Office also coordinates disability services for students with physical, mental, and learning disabilities. Students with disabilities must inform the Academic Support Office of their needs, by notifying the Director of Academic Support (who coordinates disability services) that he/she has a disability and submit documentation of the disability. This documentation will be reviewed and kept on file in the office of the Director of Academic Support. Self-identification alone does not guarantee that the college must provide disability-related services; that determination will be based on the accompanying documentation. Self-identification also does not mean that the student must request accommodations, but that the student may request accommodations in one or more classes if necessary. For more information on the self-identification process and on services available for students with disabilities, please contact the Academic Support Office.