BS Business Management – Accounting Major – Description, Outcomes, Course List

BS in Business Management (Major: Accounting) (120 Hours)

If you desire to build a strong foundation in business leadership, consider the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Management degree. Offered through CCU’s College/School of Business, this degree program is perfect for learners who seek a career in corporate, nonprofit, or public administration.

Individuals who complete the business management curriculum develop the management, interpersonal, and technical skills necessary to succeed in today’s complex business environment.  Our students learn to manage strategically, communicate effectively, and apply cutting edge business principles in ways that create value for the organizations in which they work.  Taught by qualified Christian faculty our courses are rooted in the principles of the Christian faith and encourage the practice of servant leadership.

Expected Outcomes

Business Management

  • Understand and apply the principles governing business and their implementation in a for-profit or non-profit business organization BU 1

  • Evaluate business situations from a Christian perspective and formulate effective, efficient, & ethical decisions BU 2

  • Communicate effectively in personal and business settings BU 3

  • Demonstrate an understanding of strategy and planning related to organizational growth and management BU 4

  • Comprehend the complexities of the global economy BU 5


  • Prepare financial statements and tax documents for business and governmental entities.

  • Describe internal control issues related to accounting.

  • Explain the role of the financial statement audit in the business world.

  • Interpret financial information to support strategic decision-making.

Arts & Sciences Core  (39)

College English 1 (3)

College English 2 (3)

Survey of Multicultural Literature(3)

History of Christianity (3)

History of the Restoration Movement (3)

Humanities Electives (6)

Public Speaking (3)

Statistics (3)

Natural Science (6)

Introductory Psychology (3)

Economics (3)

Biblical Studies & Theology Core (30)

History and Literature of Israel (3)

Jesus and the Church (3)

Biblical Interpretation (3)

Basic Bible Doctrines (4)

Modern Ethical Problems (2)

Philosophy of Religion (3)

Intro to Evangelism (3)

Bible and Culture Seminar (3)

Theology of Work (3)

Business Ethics (3)

Accounting Major (48 hours)           

Organizational Management (3)

Accounting I   (3)

Accounting II  (3)

Marketing   (3)

Human Resource Management  (3)

Finance (3)

Strategic Management (3)

Leadership  (3)

*Mentoring Experience (3)

* Internship  (3)

Financial Reporting & Analysis (3)

Cost Accounting  (3)

Non-Profit & Government Accounting  (3)

Fundamentals of Tax Accounting   (3)

Auditing and Professional Ethics   (3)

Accounting Information Systems  (3)

Open Electives (3)