College Student Life

CCU is a community of Christians united in the pursuit of academic progress, personal development, and spiritual growth. Life in this community is based on personal commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Together, the campus family seeks to honor Him by integrating faith and learning while our hearts and lives reflect the process of maturing in Christ.

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Campus Code of Conduct
The CCU Campus Code of Conduct expresses the standards by which every member of our campus community is expected to live. A copy of the Campus Code of Conduct can be found in the Student Handbook. These standards are based on the following assumptions:

  • Loving and being accountable to God are the primary motivations for all Christian behavior and relationships.
  • The Bible is our complete and final authority, providing the essential teachings and principles for personal and community conduct.
  • God, through his Holy Spirit, enables the willing Christian to live according to the principles contained in Scripture.

Room and Board
Cincinnati Christian University supports the concept of community living as an integral component of college life. Furthermore, communal living contributes in the holistic development of the student and complements the academic experience. Consequently, residential life is viewed by the college as an integral part of a student’s complete educational experience. Students are required to live on campus and participate in a meal plan.

Undergraduate Housing Policy:
All freshmen, sophomore, and junior full-time students under the age of 23, not living with a parent or a legal guardian, are required to live in University Housing and participate in a University Meal Plan. This policy is enforced fall and spring semester.

Seniors (those who have completed 96 credit hours), students 23 years of age or over, veterans, or married students are exempt from the University Housing Policy. These students are required to complete the Commuter Declaration form (available in Student Life Office).

Exceptions may be made for special ministry situations or a school sanctioned internship. Any students who feel they qualify for an exception should contact Student Life at (513)244-8150.

Freshmen, sophomore, and junior students commuting from home are required to have a Parent/Guardian Declaration on file with Student Life. Please fill out the student section and have a parent/guardian complete the parent section. Return both sections of the form to Student Life prior to the first day of class.

Dormitory residents must comply with all rules and regulations in the Student Handbook and Housing Contract and be subject to all dormitory authorities (Resident Directors, Resident Assistants, CCU Security Officers, and Dorm Monitors). On campus dormitory housing is available to single individuals only. Married students, students with families (spouse and/or children), and students over 25 are not allowed to live in the campus residence halls. Exceptions must be approved by the Director of Residential Life.

Christian Service
Bachelor’s degree students are required to complete eight semesters of Christian service credit, of which two should be a cross-cultural experience, prior to graduation. Associate degree students are required to complete four semesters of Christian service credit, one of which should be a cross-cultural experience, prior to graduation. If a student transfers to CCU, the student will only need to complete Christian service for the semesters enrolled at CCU to qualify for graduation.

Student Organizations and Leadership Positions
Students are encouraged to participate in college-sponsored extracurricular activities. These activities strive to develop the total personality of the individual. Any inquiries about student organizations should be made to the CCU Student Life Office.

The following is a listing and description of some of the opportunities for spiritual, physical, and social activities on the CCU campus.

Missions and Outreach
To encourage the spread of the gospel at home and abroad and to encourage Christian growth in oneself and others, students can participate in these ministries at CCU.

Campus Ministry
Campus Ministry offers students a wide range of opportunities for leadership. Students may assist in leading worship in Chapel or Family Reunion and lead discipleship groups on campus or take part in other opportunities to minister to fellow students and those in the community.

LEAD (Leaders Education and Development)
LEAD is a scholarship program for outstanding students with leadership abilities. The two to three year program for upperclassmen involves leadership projects, attendance at conferences, and special leadership seminars, along with service opportunities involving leadership positions. Each LEAD student is also assigned a mentor. The LEAD program allows each student to gain a unique confidence in their ability to lead effectively as they serve the church and shape the world.

Go Group
The Global Outreach Prayer Group is sponsored by the Center for Urban and Global Outreach. The group meets weekly to pray for missionaries and the unreached around the world and to discuss how they can uplift those who are spreading the Gospel.

Missions Projects
CCU students support missions outreach with our chapel outreach offerings. Throughout the year, special global and urban outreach projects highlight the cross-cultural and urban work of CCU alumni and other missionaries around the world. These special missions chapels, giving projects, and related missions events are organized by the Center for Urban and Global Outreach and students interested in missions.

Intercollegiate Athletics
CCU is a member of the NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) and NCCAA (National Christian College Athletic Association). The Golden Eagles men’s teams participate in intercollegiate basketball, baseball, golf and soccer. The Lady Eagles participate in intercollegiate basketball, soccer, and volleyball. Discover more at

Campus Intramural Athletic Program
A Campus Intramural Athletic Program for men and women offers students the opportunity to play a variety of sports. Some of these sports may include flag football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and bowling.

The CCU Drama Club develops the dramatic talents of students, provides entertainment for the CCU family and encourages the development of drama within the church setting. Opportunities for drama on campus include the Mystery Dinner Theater, special Christmas programs, the Spring Play, Chapel Drama Team, and an independent improv group.

Student Leadership on Campus
There are many opportunities for students to grow in their leadership skills at Cincinnati Christian University. To inquire about Student Leadership positions, please contact the CCU Student Life Department at ext. 8150 or

The Student Body Leadership (SBL) team, comprised of annually selected upperclassmen, seeks to serve the student body by providing opportunities for growth and fellowship within the university community. The Student Body Leadership team:

  • Serves as a primary resource for students to get involved on campus and develop leadership skills.
  • Strives to develop servant leaders through opportunity, exposure, and experience.
  • Challenges students through a model of servant leadership, to improve the university experience for themselves and their peers.
  • Is one of the major programming organizations at CCU, creating and coordinating several activities and events on-campus. By utilizing students’ talents and energies, SBL strives to present a wide variety of programs that meet the needs and interests of the CCU community.
  • Exists to provide undergraduate students with representation as a student voice to university administration; representing the needs, interests, and concerns of all CCU students.

Campus Advisory Board (CAB) is an open organization whose core is composed of the SBL. This group of students meets regularly with the Student Life staff, providing an open exchange between students and administration. If you would like to join the Campus Advisory Board, please contact the Student Life Department at ext. 8150 or If you would like to share ideas or concerns with the college, seek out a SBL team member or Student Life. Meetings are held monthly.

Commuter Council is a representation of commuter students who meet on a monthly basis to seek more effective ways to involve commuter students in campus activities. The council also conveys concerns of commuter students to the administration. If you are interested in serving on this council, please contact the CCU Student Life office at ext. 8150 or

The Resident Assistant Staff (RAS) have the responsibility for developing a positive dorm atmosphere which will promote spiritual, academic and social growth. RAS consists of 14 floor Resident Assistants (RA’s), six of which are female and eight of which are male. There is one RA per floor in Alumni and Rine Halls, and one RA per wing of Restoration Hall. Resident Assistants are selected at the end of February for the following academic year. For more information about this leadership program, please contact the CCU Student Life Department at ext. 8150 or

Orientation Leaders consist of 20 CCU upperclassmen whose primary responsibility is to assist new students (freshmen and transfer students) in their assimilation into CCU life. Orientation Leaders are selected at the end of April for the following academic year. For more information about this Leadership Program, please contact the CCU Student Life Department at ext. 8150 or

Traditional Campus Events

Alumni Day
Each year, during the fall semester, reunion classes gather in conjunction with Alumni Day. The day involves a Skyline and Graeter’s lunch and an evening Celebration Banquet. The day includes chapel, outstanding music, preaching, and plenty of time for fellowship. Look for more details on the alumni page of the CCU website.

Special Christmas Programming
Special Christmas programming occurs annually and includes involvement from many CCU departments. This is a favorite time for a joint effort by the Music and Worship department and the theater organization involving choirs, orchestra, sets, costumes, and drama.

Missions Outreach
CCU students support missions outreach with chapel outreach offerings throughout the year. In addition, special global and urban outreach projects highlight the cross-cultural and urban work of CCU alumni and other missionaries around the world. These special missions chapels, giving projects, and related missions events are organized by the Center for Urban and Global Outreach and students interested in missions.

Preaching Festival
Sponsored by the Christian Ministries Department, the annual Preaching Festival spotlights the gift of preaching. The festival is open to all male undergraduates in the college and in the College of Adult Learning, regardless of degree program. Selected participants will preach in a special chapel service.

Finals Week Study Break
Finals Week Study Breaks provide a late night retreat from the books and are held Sunday through Wednesday during exam week of each semester. This is a great time to relax with classmates and enjoy food, fun, and a little stress-relieving craziness!

Public Speaking Contest
Held each fall, the Ward Patterson Public Speaking Contest is open to students currently enrolled in Public Speaking, or who completed the class the previous spring. Entrants advance through faculty/staff-judged elimination rounds, with the overall winners receiving cash rewards.

Big Ticket Events
Big ticket events are held each month for CCU students and provide great times of interaction outside the classroom or residence halls. Events may include: Harvest Fest at Potter’s Ranch, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and POPS Orchestra concerts, Cincinnati Reds games, and Cyclones ice hockey games to name a few.

Fall College Picnic
The Fall College Picnic is held in September. Classes are dismissed  for the day to allow all to participate in a fun event for the afternoon, with the day concluding with a picnic and Family Reunion.

Community Service Day
Community Service Day is an all-campus tradition in the spring. Classes are dismissed and students, joined by faculty and staff, spend time completing service projects in the community. The day also includes a time of worship, a picnic and a big ticket event.

Late Night Luau
The Late Night Luau is held the Monday evening before spring break, kicking off spring break with a tropical twist.

All-Campus Devotions
All-Campus Devotions, sponsored by the Campus Ministries Office each semester, is a late night event filled with fun, games, food and a time of worship.