MAR Church History

MAR in Church History Concentration (54hrs)

(Please also note the description and outcomes of the MAR degrees on the “Degree Description: MAR” page)

Prerequisite Degree Requirements: baccalaureate degree.

Students with extensive undergraduate education in biblical & theological studies which meet certain criteria may complete this degree in 36 hours. Students who meet those criteria may be exempt from courses marked with an *asterisk.

Biblical Studies (18)

*BSNT 510 Introduction to Biblical Studies (3)

*BSEG 500 Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (3)

With a Biblical Language

Choose Either

*BSGK 510–11 New Testament Greek 1&2 (6)

*BSHB 510–11 Biblical Hebrew 1&2 (6)

*BSEG, BSCS, BSNT, BSOT, BSGK, BSHB Elective in Biblical Studies or Language (6)

Without a Biblical Language

*BSNT or BSOT 630 and above Electives in Biblical Text Exegesis Courses only (6) hrs)

*BSEG, BSCS, BSNT, BSOT, Electives in Biblical Studies (6hrs—3hrs available for Adv. Standing)

Church History (27 hrs)

HIST 530 History of the Restoration Movement (3)—Students who have previously taken an equivalent course, may substitute it for another course in the same field.

HIST 560 Early Church History (3)

HIST 570 The Protestant Reformation (3)

HIST 575 United States Religious History (3)

HIST 601 Seminar in Church History (3)

HIST Electives in Church History (9)

Research Component:

Thesis (3)

Theological Studies (6 hrs)

*DOCT 500 Basic Theology (3)

DOCT 560 Doctrine of Grace (3)

Leadership Studies (3 hrs)

PMIN 502 Spiritual Formation (3)