Medical Leave Policy

Students in good academic and financial standing who develop a medical condition that requires them to discontinue their studies may apply for Medical Leave. Applicants for Medical Leave must submit documentation of treatment, including recommendation of a physician that the student not be engaged in studies during treatment and recovery. Decisions regarding the granting of medical leave will be made by the University Registrar, the University Chief Financial Officer, and the Academic Dean of the College, and may be reviewed by the College Admissions and Academic Standards Committee at the student’s request.

Medical leave allows students to receive no academic penalty for withdrawal. A student must have a release from his/her physician to be able to return to CCU. It must specifically state that the student has sufficiently recovered to return to study and that the previous condition will not be a hindrance. On return, students granted medical leave may either retake courses or, with the permission of the course instructor and the Academic Dean, finish incomplete courses by directed study. Students granted medical leave will be permitted to register in the semester of return at no additional charge for the same number of hours for which they paid in the semester in which medical leave was granted. (Example: Students enrolled at the full-time block tuition rate may re-enroll for any number of hours within the full-time block at no additional charge; students enrolled at an hourly tuition rate may re-enroll for the same number of hours at no additional charge.)

Medical leave is normally granted for the remainder of the semester plus two additional semesters. With a doctor’s release students may return sooner than two semesters. However, those who do not return after the second full semester will lose all financial credit. No refunds will be given. Extensions can be granted by the College Admissions and Academic Standards Committee.