School of Education & Behavioral Sciences: College Degrees

The School of Education & Behavioral Sciences houses two academic departments: the Department of Education and the Department of Behavioral Sciences (psychology and counseling). Both departments in this school have won multiple awards for their programs and the success of their graduates.

Faculty of the Department of Behavioral Sciences
Faculty of the Department of Education

Bachelor’s Degrees Offered
BS in Psychology
BS in Biblical Studies plus a Professional Studies Program with a Psychology minor
BS AYA Integrated English Language Arts
BS Early Childhood Education
BME Piano Track (Choral Music)
BME Vocal Track (Choral Music)

Associates Degrees Offered
AA Psychology
AA Professional Child Care & Development

Minors Offered
A Minor may be added to any degree. A student adds a Minor by taking the courses listed in the Minor—see the list of courses for each minor in the “Available Minors” section.

Minor in Psychology
Minor in Communication Arts
Minor in History
Minor in Music & Worship