Just Lead! Elder and Church Staff Conference Recordings

From March 17, 2012 conference…

Video Recordings of the main sessions:

(descriptions below also apply to these)
Session 1: Leading through Confusion (Gary Johnson):   https://vimeo.com/38814689
Session 2: Leading through Conformity (Jim Estep):  https://vimeo.com/38824371
Session 3: Leading through Conflict (David Roadcup):  https://vimeo.com/39534970
Session 4: Next Steps – Being Sent   https://vimeo.com/38955724

Audio Recordings of the main sessions:

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(David Roadcup welcomes attendees. Todd Steuart prays for the conference. David Faust welcomes, encourages, and prays for the conference. David Roadcup makes comments about the conference schedule and introduces Gary Johnson, who speaks on “Leading through Confusion”)
(Jim Estep speaks on “Leading through Conformity” and being a servant leader)
(David Roadcup makes some conference announcements and then speaks on “Leading through Conflict”)
(Jim Estep addresses a question on smaller churches submitted from a conference attendee. David Roadcup makes announcements and addresses a second question submitted regarding unity among staff and elders. Gary Johnson addresses ministerial fellowships. David Roadcup leads the conference group in a special prayer time.)

Audio Recordings of the workshops:

“Strategic Planning Using Mission, Vision, & Values” (Gary Johnson)

NOTE: The recording of David Roadcup’s workshop on “Analyzing & Resolving Conflict in the Church” is not available.