About Larry Travis

Dr. Larry Travis…

  • is currently the Senior Pastor at the Nicholson Christian Church, Independence, KY.
  • has been in ministry for 37 years.
    • 15 years was spent in Youth Ministry in Ohio and Kingsway Christian Church in Indianapolis. The group grew from 15 to nearly 200.
    • 17 years he served as the senior minister at the Plum Creek Christian Church in. The church grew from 250 to nearly 600 while planting 26 churches throughout the world. During that time Dr. Travis led several financial campaigns while they relocated the church to its new 128-acre location.
  • has a Master’s degree in Interpersonal Communication.
  • earned doctorate degree that emphasized practical ministries.
  • has served as a vice president and professor at CCU.
  • has taught classes for the last 15 years on
    • church growth and planting
    • preaching
  • travels and speaks at churches, leadership retreats, men retreats, and has consulted with churches wanting to grow.
  • has led many leadership teams to help them reevaluate their churches and their potential for the future. (Special emphasis on reaching the Millennial Generation…those in their 20′s.)
  • has worked with churches in 7 different states.


“I have a passion for the Lord’s church. I believe it is still the tool God has given us to share the gospel and change the world!”



Updated January 2013