Kingdom-focused Coaches Make the CCU Difference

CCU Difference #5: Urban Hub

Volume 6 | Issue 3 | Fall 2010

Kingdom-focused Coaches Make the CCU Difference

At CCU, our coaches have a clear mission and standard of success that includes more than just winning games on the field of competition. Of course, we desire to win championships and win every game possible, but our calling is more than that. We truly desire to use athletics to make an impact in eternity. Our coaches are “kingdom coaches” who see working with young people as a ministry and working with athletics as a tool to change lives. Both the athletic department and campus community seek opportunities to invest in the lives of our student athletes as they grow physically, intellectually, professionally, and spiritually. As our culture and international society value sports more than ever, our athletes are given a rich opportunity to use their talents to reach others through ministry. Athletics provides common ground to a wide variety of people and brings down a variety of racial, economic, and religious walls. Because of this, our athletes have a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others both locally and globally.

Q: How is the player experience at CCU different than at other colleges?

Keith CombsA: The player will gain so much more at CCU due to the Christian focus. Most universities fulfill the needs of a student on the field and teach them lessons in the classroom , but few can rival the third element of developing student athletes spiritually. Participating in sports at CCU will bring together the mind, body, and soul in a way that cannot be matched at many other universities across the country.

Keith Combs, Women’s Soccer

Q: How is coaching at CCU different than at other colleges?

Bryan WarmanA: At times, coaching at CCU is strikingly different from coaching at other universities. All of the similarities are taken to another level when the focus shifts to God. Once the focus is shifted, all workouts and games contain a different motivation above and beyond personal gratification. Coaching at CCU becomes more about developing relationships with each other and God and using those relationships to realize and extend students’ athletic skills. Focusing the team on God is the biggest difference when coaching at CCU.

Bryan Warman, Men’s Soccer

Q: How is coaching at CCU similar to other colleges?

Rick KerkhoffA: For coaches, the process is the same: research, recruit, schedule, and scholarship. I have a responsibility to provide the best training possible to help the student athletes succeed, no matter where I am coaching. For all players, part of the experience involves research in different types of schools and the majors they offer. Important questions to ask are: Does the team fit my style of play? How is the school going to help me reach my athletic and educational goals for the future? And how do my goals align with the mission of the school?

Rick Kerkhoff, Women’s Volleyball

by Jamey Batten
Sports Information Director