Preparing Students For Global Ministry

Defining Ministry

Volume 7 | Issue 3 | Fall 2011

Preparing Students for Global Ministry

Today some 50 percent of the world’s population, and 70 percent of the American population, lives in areas classified as “urban.” Surprisingly, most of the Christians in today’s world live in Asia, Africa and Latin America. These areas are now sending missionaries back to the Western world.

CCU is taking some innovative steps to prepare students for global ministry. This year we are launching our first Study Abroad program. Selected CCU undergraduates will spend a semester at Lakeview Bible College & Seminary in Chennai, the fourth largest city in India, studying the Bible and practicing ministry under the guidance of Indian professors. We believe this experience will help students take a learner’s attitude in their interaction with people of other cultures so that they can integrate the best ideas from the global church into their ministries.

In urban ministry we have taken the unusual step of starting a “mixed martial arts (MMA)” club on campus. Originally conceived as a student activity for physical fitness and relationship-building, “EagleMMA” has begun to attract participation from people in the city of Cincinnati. In the process of training in martial arts, students, employees and alumni have had the opportunity to talk about their faith with people who otherwise never would have visited a church or Christian college. We believe this program has many potential ministry opportunities, especially in urban youth work.

In the years to come we will continue to look for new ways to communicate the unchanging gospel in a changing world.

By Dr. Andrew Wood, Associate Professor & Field Chair, Urban & Intercultural Ministries