A Faithful Faculty — Past and Present

A Faithful Faculty

Volume 6 | Issue 1 | Spring 2010

A Faithful Faculty &emdash; Past and Present

The following article by Jim Lloyd, Director of Library Services, gives us a glimpse of the caliber of faculty who have poured their lives into the education of students at CCU through the years. Pictured on these pages are the current members of the Cincinnati Christian University faculty who are investing their lives in the next generation of leaders.

What a life-changing experience it was to begin my studies at Cincinnati Bible Seminary in the fall of 1967! I was privileged to study under R. C. Foster until his death in 1970. Professor Foster had been invited to join the very first faculty in 1924, so his students gained a unique historical perspective. History Professor Dr. James North has pointed out the following “academic genealogy”: Campbell taught McGarvey; McGarvey taught RC Foster; Foster taught Lewis Foster, Jack Cottrell, Reuben Bullard, Tom Friskney, R. J. Kidwell, and others; and these have taught most of the current faculty, who are now teaching our current students. So, a direct line from Campbell continues to the present.

Now it is 2010, and 43 years have passed since my freshman year. As Library Director for over a quarter of a century here at CCU, I have gained another unique perspective on the CCU faculty. I have been processing personal files, correspondence, class notes, and sermons from R. C. Foster, Lewis Foster, Wilke Winter, George Mark Elliott, Ward Patterson, and others. For instance, I have processed correspondence R. C. Foster had with William Jennings Bryan, three-time nominee for President of the United States and one of the most famous orators in U.S. history. I love holding history in my hand.

I have a copy of the original Cincinnati Bible Seminary Bulletin dated July 1, 1924. It lists the following people as members of that first faculty:

  • Henry Frey Lutz, A.B., B. D., Ph.D. Philosophy, Apologetics and Pastoral Theology
  • Ralph Lafayette Records, Ph.D., A. M. Bible, Church History and Christian Doctrine
  • Rupert C. Foster, A. B., M. A., B. D. New Testament
  • William Christopher Sayrs, A. B., A. M. English and History
  • Robert E. Elmore, A. B. Comparative Religions
  • Edwin W. Thornton, Homiletics and Pastoral Problems
  • James DeForest Murch, A. B., Christian Education
  • Traverce Harrison, New Testament Evangelism
  • Edwin R. Errett, A. B., Old Testament
  • Florence McCafferty Waterman, Education of Childhood
  • Henrietta Heron, Education of Youth
  • Lee Glen Tomlinson, Personal Evangelism

In the 85 years that have followed, approximately 20,000 students have attended and 9,000 have graduated from Cincinnati Christian University. Any list of faculty members will always be incomplete, but some of the notable men and women who served here and impacted these many thousands of students include the following names (in alphabetical order).

  • William Bravard has made his mark in practical ministries.
  • Reuben Bullard, lovingly referred to as “Doc Roc” by his students, known for his courses in Earth Science and Ancient History, began his teaching career in 1960. He also taught at the University of Cincinnati. He served as Geological Consultant in Tel Gezer and Tell el-Hesi excavations in Israel and was Co-Director with G. Ernest Wright and Coordinator of the Scientific Staff at Idalion Excavations.
  • Jack Cottrell, who has been both a notable professor of Theology and Apologetics and a prolific author, began his full-time teaching career in 1967. He has a reputation for explaining the most complex theological ideas and concepts.
  • Ron Davis taught Education courses from 1968-1994. He is known for his thorough preparation, humor, and passion in the classroom. He is a master storyteller who gives students valuable insights into the teaching of children.
  • George Mark Elliott began a long and illustrious career in 1937, teaching Old Testament and Apologetics. His parents had been involved in church planting in the Dakotas. He was faithful in his staunch defense of God’s Word.
  • Joe Ellis is a well-known authority in the area of Church Growth who taught courses here from 1978-2007.
  • Dan Eynon, known for teaching the Book of Acts and preparing preachers for the ministry, began his career in 1953.
  • Dana Eynon, a well-respected author, editor, and professor, taught at CCU from 1980-1993.
  • R. C. Foster, born in 1888, continued teaching from the beginning of the school’s history until his death in 1970. He authored seven books, a number of pamphlets, many articles, and countless lessons published by Standard Publishing in addition to his duties at CCU.
  • Lewis Foster began his teaching career in 1951 and continued as an adjunct instructor through 1998. Dr. Foster was a well-respected authority in New Testament and Greek, having been on the translation teams of the NIV and NKJV Bible versions. He was deeply involved in missions, personally sponsoring several international students so that they could come to CCU to study. He was involved in court trials defending independent churches at a critical time in history.
  • Betty Foster taught from 1951 through 1966.
  • Fay Lewis Foster served as Head of the Department of Music in the early years.
  • Thomas Friskney is well-respected by his students of New Testament and Greek. He began teaching in 1956. For many years, he continued to minister to the Hamersville Church of Christ, quite a distance from the CCU campus. As a result, he stayed in a dorm room Monday and Tuesday nights for several decades. His son, Paul, has been a professor at CCU for many years.
  • Ron Henderson, who is known as an expert on the writings of C.S. Lewis, taught English and Poetry courses. Students were amazed at his ability to call the entire freshman class by name on move-in day.
  • R. J. Kidwell began teaching in 1965 and was still teaching correspondence courses as of 2008. His son, Jay, presently teaches Psychology courses.
  • Henry Lutz passed away in 1926, but he was there at the beginning. The 1927 yearbook, The Nautilus preserves these words of tribute. “Dr. Henry F. Lutz, A.B., B.D., Ph.D. A friend of God and lover of men’s souls, He faced the enemy of faith, and stood his ground. He believed profoundly in Jesus as the Savior of men, and in the C. B. S. as an agency for restoring primitive Christianity.”
  • LaVerne Morse taught missions from 1965-1988. The Morse family is one of the key names in the history of cross-cultural evangelism. Mr. Morse is still active in Southeast Asia Missions.
  • James DeForest Murch, besides teaching at CCU in the early years, authored over 30 books and wrote hymns. His book Christians Only is one of the most recognized books on the Restoration Movement. He helped set the standard for Christian journalism through much of the twentieth century.
  • Jim North has certainly made an impact in the area of Church History in general and Restoration History in particular. He began teaching in 1977 and still serves as an adjunct instructor.
  • Ward Patterson established quite a reputation as a world traveler (visiting almost 40 countries during the decade of the 1960s), author, and Campus Minister at Indiana University. He brought that experience and expertise to the CCU classrooms in 1991 until his death in 2005.
  • Ralph Records, mentioned earlier in this article, also served as the first President.
  • Sherwood Smith taught from 1961-1997. He became a much-loved professor in the classroom. He continued the tradition started by R. C. Foster of calling students forward to join him at the table in Gospels class.
  • Bob Stacy taught Practical Ministries from 1980-1988.
  • Sam Stone, one of the most recognized names among our churches as Editor of The Christian Standard, was Dean of the Seminary from 1974-1977 and taught Practical Ministries.
  • John Wilson started by teaching missions in 1939 and continued teaching courses such as Personal Evangelism through 1976.
  • W. W. Winter began teaching Greek and was head of business courses in 1946. He became a well-known and well-loved professor who participated in archaeological digs.

One final note: The CCU Library honors the legacy of these men and women by preserving their memory in our library’s archives. In certain instances, we have been privileged to receive their libraries, papers, and class notes. Recently someone donated a large sum of money in the memory of Wilke Winter. Since Dr. Winter taught in the areas of Old Testament, Hebrew Studies, Bible Backgrounds, and Archaeology, we are using the donation to purchase new books in those fields.

You can donate money for the CCU library to purchase books in memory of a professor who influenced your life and ministry. I also invite you to donate any CCU memorabilia that you might own, such as photographs or campus programs, to our library. Contact the CCU Library, jim.lloyd@CCUniversity.edu or 513-244-8680, if you have historical items that you wish to contribute or if you want to make a donation in honor of a faculty member whom God worked through to help make you who you are today.

Jim Lloyd
Director of Library Services