From the President: A Faithful Faculty

A Faithful Faculty

Volume 6 | Issue 1 | Spring 2010

From the President: A Faithful Faculty

Dr Faust

Dr. David Faust

We define our personal success by helping others grow.

The greatest strength of an educational institution is not found in its buildings or in the size of its endowment. Ask the students and alumni, and they will tell you. A university’s greatest strength is found in its faculty and the staff who support them.

This is certainly true at CCU. Talk with our alumni who graduated long ago, and they get a wistful look in their eyes as they remember studying under professors like George Mark Elliott and R. C. Foster. Talk with those who studied here in the 1970s (as I did), and they fondly recall their classes under Wilke Winter, Reuben Bullard, and others. Talk with our current students, and you will hear enthusiastic comments about their professors.

When campus guests ask about the quality of a CCU education, I can offer many reasons why I’m proud of our faculty at CCU.

Our Professors are Academically Well-prepared

It shows in their credentials—the degrees they have earned and the years they have spent studying and teaching. It shows in their research and writing (at last count, more than 70 books, 300 articles, and 50 pieces of music). It shows in the respect they have earned from community leaders, church members, and professional colleagues in other schools. Mostly it shows in the lives of students who have been informed and inspired by their instructors at CCU.

Our Professors are Spiritually Devoted

All of them possess strong faith in the Lord and his Word. They are active in local churches where they preach, teach, serve as elders, or share their gifts in other ways with the body of Christ. They infuse their courses with learning activities designed to encourage and stretch their students’ faith. At CCU, class sessions routinely begin with prayer. Our teachers’ job is not only to impart information but to lovingly guide our students toward Christian maturity so they will be well-equipped servant-leaders, applying what they have learned in their own lives and in the lives of others. The late Professor Lewis Foster held graduate degrees from Harvard and Yale, but those who studied under him recall not only the depth of his scholarship but also the spiritual power (and length!) of the devotional thoughts he led at the beginning of class.

Our Professors are Personally Committed

It’s humbling to see the spirit of devotion and sacrifice exemplified by those who serve on our faculty and staff. Frankly, many who work here could earn a higher income somewhere else, but they stay at CCU because they believe in our mission and because by serving here they receive rewards money can’t buy.

Our Professors Have a Far-reaching Impact

They take seriously the biblical admonition to pass along God’s Word to trustworthy servant-leaders “who will also be qualified to teach others” (2 Timothy 2:2). At CCU we are shepherding future shepherds. We are “discipling disciple-makers” as we mentor students who will lead the church and shape the world for years to come. Corporate giant Jack Welch observed, “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” At CCU we define our personal success by helping others grow.

A college is only as strong as its faculty and staff, and our school is blessed with faithful personnel who make a difference inside and outside the classroom. That’s why CCU continues to be a special place where students experience top-quality scholarship in an atmosphere of faith.

Dr. David Faust