How to Inspire Students to Become Kingdom Workers

WANTED: The Next Generation of Christian Leaders

Volume 7 | Issue 1 | Spring 2011

How to Inspire Students to Become Kingdom Workers

In informal conversations with the students in my classes, I have repeatedly heard them talk about the encouragement they received to consider some form of ministry. Sometimes that encouragement came from a visiting college outreach team. But often it came from parents, their ministers, or a member of their church who took an interest in them and suggested how their gifts could be used to help build God’s kingdom. As a result, I’m convinced that kind of encouragement is much more important than we realize. We just need to identify young (or not so young) persons with gifts for ministry, affirm their gifts, and encourage them to use their gifts for God.

How Can YOU Inspire The Future Church?

PRAY for people in your church

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IDENTIFY people who show potential for kingdom work

Be intentional. Sometimes it takes effort to really see someone’s potential.

AFFIRM them—tell them what you see

Encourage the young people at your church.

SPONSOR them—fund their expenses for an event

Events coming up at CCU for kingdom workers:

Solid Rock, CIY, Know Sweat, Bible Bowl, Experience CCU, College of Adult Learning Open House.

INVITE an outreach team to your church to inspire them

Contact Joel at to schedule an outreach team for your church or event.

JOIN CCU and become a Partner Church

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by Professor Evelyn Taylor
Field Chair, Christian Education