Attracting Ministry Minded Students

WANTED: The Next Generation of Christian Leaders

Volume 7 | Issue 1 | Spring 2011

Dr David Faust
Making College Affordable

Attracting Ministry Minded Students

To quote an old John Mellencamp song,

“They come from the cities and they come from the smaller towns.”

Wherever they come from, why are they coming to CCU?

While some come to pursue degrees in early childhood education or business or counseling, others come to prepare for ministry in the church, whether it be preaching, ministry with children, youth, families, missions, or worship ministry. While CCU has a well-earned reputation for producing quality ministers, reputation alone is not enough to attract men and women who have hearts for ministry.

CCU in the Marketplace

To attract students, the three schools of CCU cast a wide net. Cincinnati Bible College, Cincinnati Bible Seminary, and the College of Adult Learning are represented at the North American Christian Convention and the National Missionary Convention as well as CIY events, home school conventions, church camps, church leadership conferences, college fairs and campus ministry conferences.

Each of the colleges makes it a priority to make personal connections with prospective students. Admission counselors from each of the three divisions aren’t just trying to get students in the door. They often become friends and mentors to the students throughout their CCU career.

Making College Affordable

Preaching majors have access to over $70,000 annually in 22 endowed preaching scholarships such as the Givens & Thelma Coffey Scholarship and the George & Evelyn Jackson Scholarship. Seminary students can apply for a Russell School of Ministry Scholarship. President Faust is committed to not letting cost stand as a barrier to any student wanting to pursue a ministry degree.

CCU’s latest effort at managing the cost of education is the Partner Church Program. Visit for more information. Seminary receptionist and CBS student Ami Stephens said that her church recently became a Partner Church, and now three staff members are taking classes (full-time staff members at Partner Churches may take classes at 50% tuition).

Mentoring Attracts Students to CCU

In the College of Adult Learning, students experience especially close relationships with their professors. They become listening ears, advice givers, and sources of wisdom to students. The Seminary offers a weekly forum for students and others to discuss and hear about a wide variety of issues. Over pizza, the students enjoy a lecture, worship together, and sometimes ask a panel questions about an aspect of theology, pastoral care, or preaching, for example. But mentoring isn’t just limited to faculty and staff. Ministry students also benefit from peer mentoring. For several years, preaching students in the college have participated in a peer driven preaching fraternity. Meeting weekly, students share sermons for feedback as well as gain insights from guest speakers.

CCU remains committed to identifying, recruiting, mentoring, and training thousands to impact millions for Christ.

by Dr. Steve Yeaton
Field Chair, Practical Ministries