CCU Impact


Volume 7 | Issue 2 | Summer 2011

Impact Through the Years

Most of us have heard poet/philosopher George Santayana’s words, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Some worry about repeating the past, but at CCU this is not a worry. Gaining an education grounded in Scripture is always worth repeating. A CCU education is relevant to that day’s culture, whether we are talking now, 30 or even 60 years ago.

Norma ThurmanE. Ray (Cotton) JonesTom FriskneyCCU’s past has produced countless servants whose lives have contributed to CCU and the church.

Tom Friskney (BA/BD, ’51) became a professor inspiring many students in English, Greek, and Bible for more than 50 years. While on military duty in Japan, he taught a Sunday school class for Japanese people. He has served in preaching ministries with four churches in Ohio.

E. Ray (Cotton) Jones (BA, ’51) a well-known preacher, was also a writer and adjunct professor of Practical Ministries at Cincinnati Christian University and Kentucky Christian University.

Norma Thurman (BA, ’51) was a preacher’s wife and full-time editor at Standard Publishing. Her legacy also includes many children and grandchildren in ministry.

Greg SwinneyJon WeatherlyLisa LewisGraduates from the class of 1981 are currently involved in many areas of ministry.

Lisa Lewis (BS, ’81) served CCU for a number of years as Outreach Coordinator and head of undergraduate admissions. Currently she is Worship Associate with Kingsway Christian Church in Avon, Indiana.

Jon Weatherly (BA, ’81) serves CCU as Vice President for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean of the College and teaches each semester.

Greg Swinney (MA, ’81) worked with Christian Student Fellowship of Nebraska for 26 years and recently launched Crossroads International Student Ministries. He says, “I’ve noticed the growing presence of international students on college campuses throughout the nation. Jesus commanded the church to ‘go into all the world.’ Now, the world is coming to us. What an opportunity for Christians to share God’s love with the world.”

Sam WaldronBrittany SmallingLaura JonesBen HalliburtonCCU’s heritage of Christian service will continue through the next generation, including this year’s graduating class.

Benjamin Halliburton (BA, ’11, Biblical Studies)
Plans after graduation: He will work full-time at Batesville (IN) Christian Church as the Minister of Youth and Family Life and plans to attend Seminary in the next few years.
“I would not have had an opportunity to study Scripture at this level anywhere else. The deeper I have studied Scripture at CCU, the more I have been challenged as a disciple of Christ. I have been able to better apply Scripture to my personal life and the mission I have as a follower of Christ—to advance the gospel.”

Laura Jones (BS, ’11, Early Childhood Ed. Teacher Licensure)
Plans after graduation: She plans to work in a public inner-city school.
“Studying at CCU has strengthened, challenged, and stretched the Bible knowledge I had learned prior to attending the university. I have come to understand that the infallible Word of God is something that I will spend my whole life seeking to understand and use. I feel my studies at CCU will be most beneficial in making me the best servant for Christ in the classroom.”

Brittany Smalling (BS, ’11, Business Management)
Plans after graduation: She works as a CCU Admissions Counselor.
“The past four years at CCU have been such a blessing in my life. I truly value the opportunities to grow more deeply in my faith. CCU has challenged me both inside and outside the classroom, through my Bible classes, campus life experiences, and numerous service opportunities. I am very thankful to have spent my college career at CCU.”

Samuel Waldron (BS, ’11, Biblical Studies, Preaching Ministry)
Plans after graduation: He will work full-time at First Christian Church in Springfield, OH, as a Young Adults Minister.
“I see my invaluable education at CCU as multifaceted. Practically, I have picked up many tools that I am already using in ministry, intellectually I have been pushed toward greater understanding of Scripture, and spiritually I have been challenged in every way to more closely emulate Christ in everything I do.”

by Evelyn Taylor
Field Chair, Christian Education