End or Beginning?


Volume 7 | Issue 2 | Summer 2011

Commencement PhotosEnd or Beginning

To be “graduated” can also mean “measured.”

End or BeginningThere are “graduated” flasks in a laboratory for measuring liquids. Rulers and yardsticks are “graduated.” They are marked to measure inches, feet, and yards.

This December and May we have “graduated” 203 students. They have passed numerous measurements in tests, papers, internships and other learning activities. They have measured up to the standards required to receive a degree. They and their families are rightly excited and joyful to celebrate reaching this accomplishment.

But the real excitement is in the anticipation of what is to come in the lives and ministries of these graduates. Someone has said, “You can count the seeds in an apple, but not the apples in a seed.” In one sense these students have reached an end. Seeds have been planted in their lives, and we are seeing some of that fruit in the earning of their degrees. In many other aspects it is just the beginning. Now they go out again as seeds to bear fruit in the lives of others.

We don’t know the end result of how fruit will be produced through their service. Many, especially the Seminary and College of Adult Learning students, are already producing a harvest. Among our graduates we have individuals who have already distinguished themselves as preachers, teachers, and leaders in the church, business, and education.

Who will become the next influential author, speaker or leader? Who will impact the life of a young person who in turn influences many more?

We know how many seeds are leaving CCU as graduates. We don’t know how much fruit is yet to be produced from these seeds. We look forward to measuring the results in the years to come.

by Don Thomason

End or BeginningEnd or Beginning