From the President: Relevant


Volume 7 | Issue 2 | Summer 2011

From the President: Relevant
Dr Faust

Dr. David Faust

Dr. Lewis Foster was one of my favorite professors when I worked on my Master’s degree at CCU in the 1970s. A brilliant scholar with advanced degrees from Harvard and Yale, Professor Foster was also a humble man who used down-to-earth stories to illustrate profound truths. He usually opened his class sessions with devotional thoughts that sometimes were even more memorable than the lectures themselves.

One time he told a story about playing football at Cincinnati’s Western Hills High School. He was proud of his physical strength, but as he lined up for a play in practice, one of his coaches reached over with one hand and yanked him to the ground. “Strength isn’t the only thing that matters,” the coach explained while the youthful Lewis lifted himself off the ground. “It’s also about balance.” Dr. Foster went on to explain how the Christian life needs a healthy balance of truth and love, work and rest, grace and accountability.

Another memorable comment by Dr. Foster speaks to our theme in this edition of CCU514. One day he opened class with the following comment: “People keep asking, ‘Is it relevant?’ But we ought to ask a different question: ‘Is it important?’

“If something is really important,” Dr. Foster explained, “it will always be relevant.”

At CCU we believe the timeless truth of God’s Word is always important, and therefore it’s always relevant. Culture is constantly changing, but God has not changed, His Word has not changed, and basic human needs have not changed.

The gospel of Christ continues to be relevant because it is still “the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16).

The church’s mission remains relevant because the Lord still commands us to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them . . . and teaching them” (Matthew 28:19, 20).

CCU will be relevant as long as new and established churches need faithful, creative, well-informed leaders to preach God’s Word and serve God’s people. We will be relevant as long as businesses and public school classrooms need workers and teachers with high ethical standards. We will be relevant as long as our cities and our world need well-educated Christian citizens who can communicate God’s grace and truth interpersonally and cross-culturally. We will be relevant as long as college and seminary students need the opportunity to study under faithful, Bible-believing professors who will shape their worldview and motivate them to honor God in all their endeavors.

We are serious about our vision: training thousands to impact millions for Christ. We aspire to be a university that is spiritually faithful and dynamic, academically excellent, relationally healthy, culturally relevant and engaged. We are determined to uphold the timeless ideals of biblical authority, Christian unity, and effective evangelism and apply these always-applicable principles in the current culture with passion and relevance.

We reject the myth that says biblical higher education is no longer needed, no longer appeals to the marketplace, and is no longer affordable. We are working hard to offer top-quality scholarship in an atmosphere of faith, and to keep a CCU education affordable and accessible to all who want to study and grow here.

We are here to educate, motivate, and graduate students who have the Bible in their heads and ministry in their hearts. In changing times, our mission remains unchanged—not only because it’s relevant in today’s culture, but because it’s important in the eyes of God.

Dr. David Faust