Russell School of Ministry


Volume 7 | Issue 2 | Summer 2011

Russell School of Ministry

Russell School of Ministry

Three years ago, Cincinnati Christian University wanted to express appreciation for an honor to our most prominent alumnus, Bob Russell, retired Minister of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. The school decided to honor Bob, his brother John, and the rest of the Russell family in a creative way. The Russell School of Ministry was the result. It is not a separate division of the university but a certificate program that focuses on the values, priorities, and hallmarks of John and Bob’s ministries. Currently there are four classes: two in preaching, one in evangelism, and one in leadership. These classes are held in week-long formats in January and May. The courses can be taken for credit in either the graduate or undergraduate divisions, or for personal enrichment.

Instructors have included expert practitioners in their fields like Gary Johnson, Dale Holzbauer, David Faust, Barry McCarty, John Caldwell, Dave Stone, John Russell, and many other guests. Bob Russell has graciously given of his time to lecture in each of the classes to date. Student feedback has been excellent. One student describes the experience as “life changing.” This initiative gave to birth to other exciting projects. The school has established a scholarship fund in the name of the entire Russell family to provide scholarships for ministry students. To further honor the Russell family, the chair of the Ministry Department of the CCU has been named “The Russell Chair of Christian Ministries.”

There is nothing wrong with honoring someone with bricks and mortar, but the Russell family endeavors to make a difference in the lives of students for a long time to come.

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by Dr. Michael Shannon
The Russell Chair of Christian Ministries