Missionary Alumni

*Gold represents the 71 countries where CCU alumni are currently serving

Since our founding in 1924, Cincinnati Christian University has sent more than 450 alumni to serve full-time in cross-cultural ministry! Browsing through this directory you get a feel for the breadth and scope of the work done by these noteworthy servants. From Argentina to the Ukraine, from Australia to Venezuela, from Austria to Zimbabwe, missionaries from the CCU family have made an impact across the globe. Any attempt to mention just a few names from this veritable hall of fame of missionaries who did all or part of their training at CCU will inevitably fall short. This small sampling will provide a taste of the work done by those who have trained at CCU.

In Africa, Max Ward (’42, ’43) and Gladys (’43) Randall and John (attn’d) and Marjorie Pemberton did pioneering work, and like missionary martyr Phyllis Rine (’61), inspired many to follow their example into service throughout the continent. Many CCU-trained workers served in Asia, like Mark (’42, ’43) and Pauline (’43) Maxey in Japan, Isabel Dittemore (’30) in Taiwan, and LaVerne (’54, ’60) and Lois (att’d) Morse in Myanmar, along with many others who served in numerous countries across Asia. In Europe there were families like Malcolm (’51) and Wilma (’48) Coffey in Italy and Gene Dulin (’51) in Austria and Eastern Europe, and many more.

A few years later another wave of incredible work was done by missionaries like Earl (’68) and Ruth Haubner in Brazil, Dale (’73, ’03) and Jean (attn’d) Meade in Colombia, and Doug (’84) and Penny (attn’d) Lucas who first served on the field in South America then started the mission sending organization Team Expansion. CCU has also been honored to train some truly impactful workers who came to us from abroad and returned to their home country or region and continue to lead dynamic ministries. Leaders like C.Y. (’69) and Pat (attn’d) Kim in Asia, Jay Henry (’74), Ajai Lall (attn’d), and Peter (’86) and Cathy (’85, ’87) Ignatius in India, Safaa Fahmi (’91) in Egypt, and Joshua Leme (’88, ’00) in Myanmar, along with a host of others, inspire us with their tenacity, courage and fruitfulness.

We dream of more effective servants like David and Brenda Atkin, like Dave (’83) and Donna (attn’d) Linn who continue to plant churches in Venezuela, like Chris (’90) and Nicia (’90) Irwin who served for years in Ecuador and are now starting a new work in Europe, like Brett (’01) and Heather (’01) Seybold who serve in Germany.

God is raising up a new generation of missionaries who are training at CCU and are ready to answer the call. Many of our recent graduates and current students are part of a new generation of missionaries who will make a difference across the globe.