Big Brothers Big Sisters –

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati is committed to establishing successful relationships for all young people who need and want them, ultimately contributing to better schools, brighter futures, and stronger communities for all. Mentors (or “Bigs”) are asked to connect with their “Littles” a few times a month.

CIY (Christ in Youth) – Know Sweat Program –

Know Sweat Service Projects challenge Junior and Senior High students to love God and people through practical aspects of Christian service. This is a great entry-level mission trip that allows youth groups to experience the importance of Christian service. Days are filled with painting, building, and repair work for those in need; evenings include worship, encouragement, activities, and individual group time.  Cost is around $185-$450 per person/per week; students are housed at Cincinnati Christian University.  Contact local representative Bill Baumgardner.

City Gospel Mission -

Serving Greater Cincinnati since 1924, City Gospel Mission empowers men, women and at-risk youth to break the cycle of poverty and despair. We collaborate with local churches to offer a variety of one-to-one, relationship-focused programs and services to equip those in need with the spiritual, emotional and physical skills and resources to achieve life transformation.

OneCity Foundation –

OneCity works to connect ministries and organizations who share focus and vision in a variety of programs such as youth tutoring, job placement, prison ministry and service, orphanages, services to the under-resourced and more. Helping individuals and organizations work together and coordinate their efforts leads to sharing of resources, decreased redundancy and ultimately, a sharp increase in overall efficiency and improved results citywide.  OneCity works to connect volunteers in our communities in a very personal way with those they serve – the men, women and children who need not only relief, but relationship, to achieve real life change.

Price Hill Will -

PHW seeks to build on the many strengths of the Price Hill neighborhood to make it a better place to live, work and play.  Community Action Teams (CATs) form the core of PHW’s work. Made up of residents committed to positive change, the CATs are organized around nine different areas to bring people together to make Price Hill a great place to live: Arts, Beautification, Block Clubs, Business, Churches, Diversity, Eco-Neighborhood, Housing, Safety, Schools, and Youth.  (Note: PHW is not a religious organization, but welcomes participation by people of faith).