Education Department

The focus of the teacher education program at Cincinnati Christian University is to prepare students for a life of service to Christ through the ministry of teaching as a licensed professional. Although some choose to serve on the mission field or in private school settings, most of our graduates choose to work with children and their families in public schools.  We believe that knowledge of the Bible and theology strengthens our graduates, giving them a breadth of knowledge that equips them to better serve their schools, churches, and communities.

The Education Department at CCU prepares our students to be caring, competent, and qualified teachers.


Teachers prepared at Cincinnati Christian University demonstrate care through their extensive involvement in the schools within our community, including urban, suburban and rural settings. Our teachers work with children with diverse backgrounds, needs, and abilities — ministering to their social, emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual needs.


Teachers prepared at Cincinnati Christian University demonstrate the specialized knowledge and skills to be highly qualified teachers in Early Childhood settings. Our teachers understand and implement lessons that improve student learning. Our teachers are skilled at using a variety of assessments to improve teacher and learning in the classroom.


Teachers prepared at Cincinnati Christian University are licensed by the State of Ohio for public and private educational settings. They are prepared through course work and extensive field experiences. Our programs of study are aligned with the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Candidate Performance

  • As of spring 2013, CCU’s education department has a 100% passage rate on state licensure exams.




To donate toward the Education Department Scholarship, which is awarded to seniors entering their final phase of degree completion, please contact Jackie Rosenberger at