Partner Program – How it Works

Students wanting to teach in the elementary grades can complete their work at CCU.  Sometimes, however, God is calling a person to serve in the middle grades or as a high school teacher.  Students who want to teach in the upper grades but have a solid foundation in the Bible can still receive their education at CCU through one of our partnership programs.

How It Works

The way it works is that you will receive your degree form Cincinnati Christian University and your license to teach through a partner school.  Some students prefer to graduate first from CCU and then complete a Master’s program with a license to teach through our sister school, Milligan College in Tennessee.  Others prefer to work on the Bible degree from CCU with a program of study leading to a teaching license simultaneously from the College of Mount St. Joseph here in Cincinnati.  The education department works closely with each future teacher in choosing the program best suited for him or her.

Find Out More

Please contact the CCU Education Department to explore the possibilities of our Partner Programs.