Rewards of Teaching

Choosing to serve God through a ministry of teaching is both challenging and rewarding.  There exists an ever increasing need for teachers who are compassionate and caring.  Teachers have a great deal of influence over the pupils they teach.  Parents often look to teachers for guidance in making important decisions for their children, but above all, families often regard teachers as positive role models for their children.

Be An Advocate

As a teacher you will serve as an advocate for children.  You will not only teach children how to read, but you will also find yourself helping the single mom fill out the extensive paperwork to receive free lunches for her child.  You will find yourself driving a deaf student to and from extra curricular activities.  You will find yourself in a ward at Children’s Hospital encouraging one of your pupils just prior to surgery to remove a brain tumor.

No Summers Off

If you are thinking about a career in teaching, be aware, the reward is NOT “summers off.”  The rewards are serving children, seeing their growth both academically and emotionally.  The rewards include helping families see Christ through your actions.