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Current CBS Students (Seminary):

Masters of Arts in Religion

Regularly enrolled MAR students at CCU can take courses through eLearn up to 24 hours. Students in other MAR programs can take any online courses that apply to their degree up to the 24 credit hour limit. Students who receive advanced standing from prior Bible/theology work in college must reduce this amount by the number of advanced standing hours. So for example, someone granted the full 18 credit hours of advanced standing in the MAR, only six hours may be taken online. Students from a university background with no prior Bible/theology coursework can complete all of the required 18 credit hours online.

Masters of Arts in Counseling

The MAC program is expanding the number of online courses available to MAC students. This is being done to enable potential students at a distance to get started with some of their requirements prior to relocating to Cincinnati. The MAC online courses are being developed in cooperation with a company called The Learning House. MAC faculty develop the courses after training from The Learning House and with assistance from their staff of course development experts. The Learning House provides additional marketing for the program and hosts the courses on their Moodle server.  MAC students should contact the Counseling department for information about current and upcoming courses: (513) 244-8193.

Master of Divinity

Current accrediting standards allow students to complete up to one year (30 hours) of the MDiv in an online format. This allows students who live at a distance to begin an MDiv program prior to coming to Cincinnati. MDiv students can also use a combination of online courses and concentrated on campus offerings to complete an MDiv degree over a longer time frame than the basic 3 years for full-time work.

Contact Graduate Admissions for further information about any of the above online options:, 513-244-8426 or 1-800-949-4228 (ex 8426).

Current Undergraduate Students (Traditional):

Regularly enrolled undergraduate students at CCU must receive permission to take courses through eLearn. CCU students who take eLearn courses without permission will not receive credit for the courses toward any CCU degree. Student’s should complete the eLearn permission form and return it to the Registrar’s Office. Student’s may not audit eLEARN courses. Contact the Registrar’s Office for additional information or (513) 244-8170.  Note: The permission form requires the student’s advisor to review and approve the request prior to submission to the Distance Education office. If a student does not meet the hours requirement (62 hours) or the GPA requirement (3.0), the advisor is required to attach a note detailing why the requirements should be waived.

Current Undergraduate Students (Adult):

Students enrolled in the College of Adult Learning must consult with the staff to identify courses that meet their degree requirements. Adult Learning students who take eLearn courses without prior arrangement will not receive credit for the courses toward any CCU degree. Students primarily take online courses through another provider called Knowledge Elements. The staff of the College of Adult Learning work with students to identify and enroll in the appropriate courses that will meet their graduation requirements. For further information contact the College of Adult Learning at 513-244-8676.

Non-CCU Students (College):

1-Course (3 credit hours)

If you would like to take 1 (one) eLearn course for credit, simply contact the Registrar’s office at or 1-800-949-4228 ext. 8170.

Additional Courses (6 or more credit hours)

If you would like to take 6 or more credit hours through eLearn, you will need to fill out an application to apply for admission to CCU. Please contact the CCU Admissions office for more information, or go to the College admissions portion of the website for an online application. 1-800-949-4228 ext. 8141 or

Non-CCU Students (Graduate):

Up to 12 credit hours

Complete the CBS application form online or fill in a print version and return it to the Seminary Admissions Department or the Registrar’s Office at 2700 Glenway Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45204.

Over 12 credit hours

If you would like to take more than 12 credit hours, you must apply to a degree program with CBS. Contact the Seminary Admissions Department for more information. 1-800-949-4228 ext. 8426 or