Hybrid MAR – Leadership Studies


The specialization in Pastoral Leadership allows students to integrate general biblical, theological, and historical studies with focused research and writing in leadership.

Students who complete the Pastoral Leadership specialization will:

  • Develop and articulate a philosophy of leadership that exhibits an understanding and integration of biblical and secular principles and theories that influence pastoral leadership.
  • Apply principles and theories of leadership and organizational behavior to congregational life.
  • Understand and contribute to the creation of models of pastoral leadership.
  • Demonstrate the integration of pastoral leadership and congregational development.
  • Develop and demonstrate a mature love for God and commitment to personal Christian discipleship as a foundation for personal effectiveness in leadership.
  • Exhibit competent graduate level research and writing in Pastoral Leadership, and demonstrate the ability to integrate general biblical, theological, and historical studies into that research and writing.
  • Participate adequately in academic community opportunities required and offered by CBS, in order to develop networks of resources for enhanced leadership.
  • Demonstrate a researched understanding of varied strategies for assimilation, discipling, and spiritual development which students utilize to evaluate their presence and effectiveness in varied congregational and ministry settings.


Leadership Studies; Pastoral Leadership – Hybrid Format
54 credit hours

Students with extensive undergraduate education in Bible, theology, or ministry who meet certain criteria may be able to complete this degree in 36 hours.  Students who meet those criteria may be exempt from courses marked with an asterisk (*).


Prerequisite Baccalaureate degree
Biblical Studies and *BEX 510 Introduction to Biblical Studies (3)
Biblical Languages *BEX 500 Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (3)
(15 hours) *BLA 500 Introduction to Biblical Language Tools (3)
  *Language Tools Follow-up course (Course TBD) (3)
  *BCS 500 Lands and Lifeways of the Biblical World (3)
Church History +GHI 530 History of the Restoration Movement (3)
(3 hours)  
Theological Studies *TTH 500 Basic Theology (3)
(6 hours) TTH 560 Doctrine of Grace (3)
Leadership Studies PMN 502 Spiritual Formation (3)
(30 hours) PMN 520 Fundamentals of Biblical Communication (3)
  PMN 540 Leadership and Management for Minsitry (3)
  PMN 550 The Church (3)
  #PMN 560 Characteristics of a Healthy Church (3)
  PMN 570 Evangelism: Lifestyle of a Church (3)
  #PMN 574 Assimilation and Involvement (3)
  PMN 593 Extra Curricular Learning Experience (3)
  PMN 648 Pastoral Epistles (3)
  PMN 792 Supervised Leadership Experience (3)

+ If this course has been taken as an undergraduate, the student may substitute GHI 500 Survey of Church History.

# The Course Embeded Research Project (CERP) is available for this course.  Click here for more info on the CERP.