Accessing CCU’s Moodle Site

You can get to CCU’s Moodle site in several ways.  The fastest is to go the the CCU Home site ( and then click the Moodle link.

If you want to go to Moodle directly, this is the link:

When you get to the Moodle site in your browser, save it to your Favorites/Bookmarks folder for quick access in the future.

When you are logged in to Moodle, you will find a number of helpful resources on the opening page to provde a quick introduction to the tools of Moodle and how to use them.  Until you are familiar with the system, you might want to print or save the Moodle QuickStart guide so that you can readily access and use it.

Is this your first time here?

Moodle is now connected to CCU’s Single Sign-On service. Your log in information is the same as your email and on-campus computer login (firstname.lastname). If you have problems logging in, please contact the IT department for assistance

Phone: 513-244-8647

For problems logging into or using Moodle view the Moodle FAQ or contact the Helpdesk:
Phone: 513-244-8647

Before you reached this page, you may have received a Security Warning that said This page contains both secure and nonsecure items. If you selected No to not display nonsecure items, you will not be able to view most Moodle features. Close this window and reopen Moodle without logging in. When the Security Warning comes up, select Yes to view all content, then enter your login as normal.

Moodle Information

If you are interested in more information about the Moodle system, the official site is  This site provides history about the development of the software and a forum for global users to interact about its usage and improvement.