Once on Campus

The MAIN ENTRANCE/RECEPTION AREA is located on the second floor of Presidents Hall just inside the south east entrance.

COLLEGE ADMISSIONS is located on the upper level of Presidents Hall.

THE LIBRARY BUILDING sits on the hill overlooking the city, just south and east of Presidents Hall.  The SEMINARY is also located in this building. Visitors should park in the faculty/visitors lot-the second driveway off Lehman, coming from the west- and check in at the reception area just inside the south doors of Presidents Hall.

THE BOOKSTORE AND GYMNASIUM / MULTI-PURPOSE CENTER are located in Presidents Hall just inside the south west entrance.

The COUNSELING CENTER is located on the first floor of Presidents Hall inside the south west entrance.

The WORSHIP AND MINISTRY BUILDING is in the center of campus. A circle drive runs in front of the building. Some parking for the Worship and Ministry building is available behind the building, otherwise please use the parking lots adjacent to Presidents Hall.

The HILLTOP COFFEESHOP is located on the lower level of the Worship and Ministry Building. Hours of operation may vary, please call 513-244-8135 for times.