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Seven Things to Protect Yourself

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Making things Happen on Sunday

Nature or Nurture, Christopher Yuan

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Bell’s Hells, Jack Cottrell, 9-29-11

The Miracles Explained by Modern Physics, James McIntyre, 9-28-2010

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Females’ Roles in 1 Timothy 2, Susan Humbert, 4-16-12

Daniel’s Prophecy of the Four Beast, Johnny Pressley , 3-20-12

Was Terah Abram’s Father? And was Abram a Triplet? Outline, Dan Dyke, 2-21-12: www.dabar.org/OEBD/ 

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So What’s with Adultery & Fornication_ Biblical Perspectives on Sex Outside of Marriage, Tom Thatcher, 2-15-11

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So What’s Wrong with Adultery and Fornication

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So You Want to be a Doctor, Tom Thatcher, 1-19-10

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