Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the purpose of the program?

To give students, particularly working adults, the opportunity to have a predictable schedule that will enable them to finish an MAR with a Pastoral Leadership concentration. Some students may be able to complete the degree in two years.

  • How many hours will I take?

The MAR is a 54 hour degree; however, this program will allow some students to complete their studies in as little as 36 credit hours. This would only be possible for students who have extensive undergraduate preparation in Bible, Theology or Ministry.

  • What if I need prerequisites or need to take the full 54 hours?

Those who need to take the all 54 hours will either need to enroll in our regular program, or supplement by taking classes from our regular schedule, or take online classes (or a combination of the above.)

  • What concentrations will I take?

Currently, this program is only available with a Pastoral Leadership concentration.

  • How is this different from our other seminary programs?

It is not really that different. Students in this program will have the same number of classroom hours as students in other programs. The seminary already offers block classes on Mondays and Tuesdays, week-long intensives, and 2-2-2 classes. This plan simply provides a predictable schedule. The classes meet for four hours. Each class meets 9 weeks.

  • May I take classes at times other than Tuesday, and can students in the regular program take the Tuesday classes?

The answer to both questions is, “yes.” However, we can only guarantee that students will finish in two years, one night a week, if they follow our prescribed plan. Still, students may migrate freely between the Tuesday format and any of our other formats.

  • How do I meet language requirements?

You may take traditional language classes offered at other times, or may choose the tools option, which involves an on-line language tools class and a Bible class that uses those tools.

  • How do I meet my research requirement?

This is built into the program. Those in this program will take the NTO (non-thesis option). We designate the class the NTO is written in. You will write an extended paper in that class.

  • How many Tuesdays will I have to attend?

Each student will attend 45 Tuesdays per year and get 7 Tuesdays off per year.

  • How does all this add up to 36 hours?

In the first year, students can take an ECLE (extracurricular learning experience.) This involves attending a seminar outside the seminary. You will work with the dean to write a paper on the experience to receive credit. In the second year, students will also be enrolled for field work. These credits can be earned at a local church or parachurch organization.