Facilities and Resources

CCU Campus Map


The majority of the department’s facilities are housed in the Music & Worship Wing on the second floor of Presidents Hall, directly above the first-floor cafeteria.


If you enter the wing by the door closest to the elevator, you will find the following rooms:
Room 281               Music & Worship Office
Room 279               Classroom
Room 280               Ken Read’s Office
Room 266               Gary Gregory’s Office
Room 267               Music Education/Adjunct Faculty Office
Room 268               Piano Studio/Adjunct Faculty Office
Room 269               Voice Studio/Adjunct Faculty Office
Room 270               Brenda Lang’s Office
Room 275               Guitar Studio/Adjunct Faculty Office
Room 276               Recording Studio
Room 277*            Piano Lab – Small classroom equipped with digital lab pianos, computers

Practice Rooms.  273 is designated for piano majors, and 274 is for recitalists. Each is equipped with at least one piano.
Modules 1-5           Wenger Sound Module Rooms – For 1-2 people; each holds a digital or acoustic piano
Room 271               Rehearsal Room – Large classroom used for music classes, ensembles and other types of classes. Be sure to check the schedule by the door before entering the room. Band instruments, music and stands are kept in the closet.

Lockers                   These are provided for Music & Worship students to have convenient access to their music, books, etc. and to provide security for belongings. They are offered to Music & Worship majors and students taking applied lessons. Up to three people can share a locker.

*The door should always be locked when the room is vacant. Keys are issued from the Music & Worship office. There is a $10.00 deposit per key.


Our Chapel is in this building. Chapel meets at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesdays and some Thursdays and all students are expected to attend (worship studio practicum members cannot pass applied worship lessons without attending at least 12 chapels each semester). Recitals and some board exams also take place in the chapel. There is a 7 1/2′ Yamaha Concert Grand piano on the stage, which may be kept locked. A key may be borrowed from the Music & Worship Office or the President’s Administrative Assistant in the Worship & Ministry Building.

The Chapel stage serves as a rehearsal area for the Celebration Singers, Instruments of Praise, The CCU House Band, chapel worship teams, and percussion lessons and studio.  The chapel is frequently used by others and must be reserved through the CCU Master Calendar Editor, Shelley Weiss, at x8183 or email shelley.weiss@ccuniversity.edu.



The pianos, band instruments, practice rooms and modules are designed to be used by those students enrolled for credit in directly-related music courses. Part of the applied music fee goes toward piano tuning, maintenance, etc. Any other student who would like to use the school’s rooms or instruments should request permission from the department chair. It is expected that anyone using school instruments and rooms would take care of them and that anyone found abusing school property will be confronted. It is also expected that the practice rooms will be used for practicing music, not for studying or socializing. There is to be no food or drink (other than closed containers of water) in practice rooms. Please clean up the room as you leave.


The practice rooms are available to those people enrolled in applied music lessons (group and private). About the second week of each semester students can sign up for reserved times in these rooms. This is not mandatory, but allows those students on tight schedules to plan their time. Reserved times are posted on the sign outside the door of each room. If the room is empty, anyone can use the room unless the person who reserved it shows up.


The primary purpose of this closet is to provide storage for the school’s band instruments and for other Music and Worship Department equipment. No one is permitted to store personal equipment in the closet without permission from Gary Gregory. Students who are in the Winds of Praise Community Band, or Instruments of Praise members may use the closet for storage. Equipment MUST be labeled with the owner’s name and stored off the floor when not in use. We regret that there is not enough room to allow more uses of the closet, but in order to make it functional, we must impose these limits.


Those people eligible to use a locker as mentioned above may sign up for one in the Music & Worship Office. A key will be issued at that time. There is a $10.00 deposit for each key. Keys may be kept until the student graduates or withdraws from classes at CCU. A refund will be mailed from the enrollment services office, when the key(s) are returned. It is recommended that the lockers be kept locked due to possible theft.

Lockers are also available for short-term securing of equipment on the stage of the chapel. Generally, these lockers are for overnight storage between rehearsal and performance. Students furnish their own padlocks for these storage lockers.



CCU’s library houses many resources for music and worship studies. Included are books about music, music scores, and recordings. The books and music scores are listed in the library catalog and are assigned a number in the 780 series. Worship resources and hymn backgrounds are listed in the 264 series. Hymnbooks without music can be found in the 245s. You can locate these resources grouped together on the library shelves. However, the best way to find music materials is to go to the library’s catalog, which is called SCROLLS (http://scrolls.ccuniversity.edu). Students can search by keyword to discover the CCU library’s complete holdings of books, recordings, and other materials in the areas of music and worship ministry.


The CCU Library’s collection contains a number of music recordings. Equipment is available in the library to listen to music recordings. Please ask for assistance at the circulation desk for help with finding these materials.


The library provides access to RILM, a music research database. In addition to RILM, journal and magazine articles relating to church music and worship can be found using the ATLA Religion Database and Christian Periodical Index. Academic Search Premier and the OhioLINK Electronic Journal Center are additional sources of some full-text journal and magazine articles in the area of music. These databases, as well as other full-text periodical research databases, can be accessed via the library’s web site: http://library.ccuniversity.edu/resources/ electronic-databases/subject/#Music. Please note that students must have an account with the library to access these research databases from off-campus. To see if a particular journal or magazine title is available full-text in one of these databases, please use the OhioLINK Electronic Journal Finder at http://www.ohiolink.edu/resources/ejournals.php.

 The following music magazines are current subscriptions on file in the CCU library. American Music, Bandworld, Choral Director, Chorister, Clavier’s Piano Explorer, Creator, The Hymn: A Journal of Congregational Singing, Instrumentalist, inTune Monthly, Keyboard, Reformed Worship, and Worship Leader.

Full-text access to Music Educator’s Journal can be found in a database called Academic Search Complete.  Access to Journal of Singing can be found in Education Research Complete.  Both databases are accessible through the CCU Library web site, under “Research Databases.”


CCU students can access music materials in other area libraries, including: The Cincinnati Public Library http://www.cincinnatilibrary.org and the College-Conservatory of Music at The University of Cincinnati: http://www.libraries.uc.edu/libraries/ccm/. CCU library is also a member of OhioLINK, a group of college & university libraries throughout the State of Ohio. Students can use the OhioLINK central catalog to search for books and recordings in these libraries and request to borrow items and have them sent to the CCU library for pick up there. Students can search the OhioLINK central catalog and find more information about OhioLINK at: http://www.ohiolink.edu.

 Music Databases

            The following databases are provided via the CCU Library website (http://library.ccuniversity.edu):

             LibraryMusicSource.com is a digital library of classical sheet music, providing access to over 35,000 works. The collection contains music for a wide variety of instruments, as well as vocal music and orchestral scores. The sheet music files are available for download as PDF files. Users can search for sheet music by keyword, or they may browse the collection by category or composer. This is a subscription service that CCU provides at no charge to students and faculty.

            NaxosMusicLibrary.com is a database of digital music containing over 500,000 tracks. The collection contains many classical works, but also contains works from other genres (jazz, pop, gospel). It also contains music from non-western cultures. Music can be streamed only; no downloading is provided by the database.