Grade Extensions

A student who has not completed major assignments for a course may file for a grade extension.

  • Grade extension forms are available from the Enrollment Services Office.
  • The student must receive permission from the professor for a grade extension three weeks before the day of the final exam.
  • Students are not automatically entitled to a grade extension. It is the professor’s decision to allow or deny an extension.
  • Students must submit the grade extension form to Student Financial Services and pay a $30 fee before the extension is official.
  • The maximum time allowed for an extension is 8 weeks from the last day of the semester.
  • The professor may set an earlier deadline at his or her discretion. Students may not apply for a second extension of a course.
  • Students who file for grade extensions will receive the grade of “E” until the course is  finished.
  • An “E” grade counts as an “F.” At the end of the eight weeks, the student will receive a final grade based on all work submitted at that time.
  • Students applying for a grade extension are not elligible for the Dean’s list that semester.