Share Your Story

Storybox is an institution-supported grassroots movement to share the stories that define CCU. Stories have been central to our growth and we want to inspire the next generation to create more.

Where do you come in?

We need to hear about your CCU experiences. Tell us your stories from any moment from the time you decided to come to this university until now. Whether the story is happy, sad, nonsensical, or impactful is entirely up to you. Just write your story (or even include a picture if you want to). And then we’ll to tell it.

You can get your story to us in one of two ways.

1.Through the Storybox on campus
Collect a Storybox page from the station located in the library, write your story and simply drop it in the box.

2. On the interwebs
Fill it out in the online form below.

It’s that simple. Welcome to the movement.