Charles and Penny Faust Urban Scholars Fund
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On Couch: Ryan, Penny Faust, Charles Faust, Will, On Floor: Ashley, DaDa (taken at most recent Faust Luncheon)

Dear Friend,

What makes your heart break? Poverty, crime, immorality? People without hope-do they make your heart break? They do mine.

Greetings from Cincinnati Christian University. I hope you will take a few minutes to read this letter and allow me to share with you a growing passion of mine.

I was born and raised in New York. My parents, Charles and Penny Faust, moved to Long Island early in their marriage and served in ministry in New York for 40 years. As I grew up, my family led the work of the Go Ye Chapel Mission, a church planting organization now called Orchard Group. Christian churches in the New York metropolitan area were sparse, and my family helped to start many churches over the years while we lived and served there.

Because of my experience growing up in New York, I have a passion for people in the city. My husband David has been serving as president of Cincinnati Christian University for the past five years. CCU is located in an urban area. If you’ve ever been on our campus, you know that we are located on top of a high hill with a gorgeous view of the city, which is a constant reminder about the needs of the people who live here.

David and I recently built a new home at our own expense on the edge of CCU’s campus, and Lord willing, we plan to serve here for a long time. As we look around our neighborhood in this urban setting, we see so many needs. We see people with unrealized potential and many without hope who desperately need Jesus. At CCU, we are committed to being “a light on the hill.” We are determined to bring the light and love of Christ to this urban area.

I am a registered nurse, and each day in my job I work with urban teens who don’t know that they are precious to God. They don’t realize that God loves them unconditionally and He can make a difference in their lives.

The longer I live and work in this urban area, the stronger my passion grows for the people who live here. CCU’s mission is to “build Christian leaders one person at a time.” So many urban young people have no purpose or hope in their lives. They don’t know they are valued. They don’t realize they have so much potential. They don’t think they could ever go to college. No one has ever given them any reason to believe that they could.

I want to be part of changing all of that. At Cincinnati Christian University, we are starting an Urban Scholars Program. Through our Urban Scholarship, we can help young people who live in urban areas attain the goal of a Christian college education. Our goal is to help urban young people have the means to go to college-and ultimately, for them to serve the Lord in the cities.

So here is the reason for my letter. I have undertaken the task of trying to raise at least $250,000 over the next three years to fund our Urban Scholarship Program. I have never personally tried to raise money before, and honestly, it seems quite daunting to me. But I serve the God of all resources, and I know God uses His people to be His hands and feet to provide when there is a need.

Are you willing to share the resources God has given you to help urban young people? Do you share my passion to make a positive difference in the life of a young person who might otherwise have no hope of a Christian college education? Any amount you give will go for this worthy cause, and I assure you, it will be greatly appreciated.

I need your help to reach this goal. Please prayerfully consider what you might give, fill out the enclosed card, and send it back to me.

And by the way, in honor of my parents who helped to plant the seed in my heart for the city, we are naming this scholarship the “Charles and Penny Faust Urban

Scholars Fund.”

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Please allow God to use you to help with the Urban Scholarship Fund. Your gift will make an eternal difference in the life of a young person, and ultimately, in our cities.

Your partner in serving our awesome God,

Candy Faust

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