Thanks for Stepping Up


On December 9th, 10th, and 11th, we completed our first-ever online giving event. There were 185 alumni and friends who gave 240 gifts, raising almost $6,000.

Thanks to all who participated. There’s still time for you to get involved in the mission of CCU by giving a gift. CLICK HERE TO GIVE ONLINE.

We’re thankful for how the Lord has carried us through 2012. But we’re even more excited about the incredible opportunities that await us in 2013.Keep CCU in prayer as we continue to raise up leaders who will impact the world for Christ.

Thanks for giving back to the school that gave so much to you.

Here’s a list of donors to the three-day campaign.

Ryne Able
Terrence Adkins
C. Ermal Allen
Tyler Ash
Sandra Beam
Larry Bellville
Marian Bennett
Rebecca Bennett
Sharon Bennett
Priscilla Berry
Amanda Bledsoe
Dr. E. Arlin and Trudy Bolejack
Brian Bolton
Brian Borton
James Borton
Michael Boyce
Tony Brackemyre
Brian Brentlinger
Everett Brewer
Chad and Rachel Brown
David Brown
Rob Brown
Greg Bryant
Julie Buckham
Debra Buckley
Aaron Burgess
Bob & Zan Burkhardt
John Bush
Kelly Butler
Courtney Bythewood
Janet Campbell
Jason Campbell
Steve and Kelly Carr
Robert Carswell
Todd Carter
Abigail Chipman
Mark Cleaveland
Heidi Collins
Dave & Jennifer Damron
Jenna Davis
Lisa Davis
James Dempsey
Jeffrey and Carrie Derico
Joe Dore
Devin Dummel
Arica Durham
Jeremy Earle
Jodie Edwards
Gwen Elliott
Richard Ellison
Donna Farnham
David Faust
Jack D & Dorothy J Fawley
James and Donna Fehl
Kent Fillinger
Philip Fish
Veronica Flischel
Ron & Linda Follmer
Chris Fowler
Tess Fox
Jason Frisch
Katie Frisch
Lowell Fry
Brent Fudge
Roy Goodman
Anthony Gore
Heather Greenwood
Gary Gregory
Andrew Grimes
Montgomery Hadden
Christopher Hahn
Craig Hahn
Leslie Hall
Norm Hancock
C. Edward Hanna
Ed Hatke
Bill and Missy Haussler
Diane Hayes
Brian and Kelly Heckber
Christopher Hengge
Robert Hightchew
Jeff & Martha Hill
Tobin Hill
Lesa Hooper
Diane Howard
Carin Hurt
Chris Irwin
Jerran and Carol Jackson
Jean Katt
Nathaniel Keyse
Rollin Kidwell
Monica Kittrell
Nathan Kline
Vicky Koerner
Mike Kupferer
Alan LaRue
Michael Lloyd
Allen Lowen
Jenna Lusby
Brock Lusch
Leah Lynch
Gary Martin
Dale McCann
John McCarty
Aaron McClary
Jerry and Marla McCracken
Ed McCravy
Clare McGill
Carlye McLaughlin
Kelsey McMullen
Amanda Mecklem
Timothy Mecklem
Darin Mirante
David Monroe
Ben Moore
Jason Moore
Ronald Moser
Jenny Mosier
Justin Mosteller
Gloria Murry
Thomas Napier
Christine Nelson
Melissa Oakes
Mark Oakley
Gayle Overholser Borton
Timothy Peace
Paul Pennington
Tammy Phillips
Todd & Lianne Pierce
John Piotrowicz
Steve Poston
Natalie Pater Puljung
Robin Quevedo
Dave and Valerie Reed
Nathan and Kirby Reed
Adam Reid
Lucy and Damon Reid
Brian Richard
Matthew Robinson
Luke Robison
Beth Rogers
Angela Russell-Collier
Lisa Rutherford
Lois Santel
Fred Schmitt
Jenna Schueler
Barb Shelley
Monte Shoemake
Rick and Nancy Shonkwiler
Rachel Slagle
Brittany Smalling
Rebecca Smalling
Skip & Pam Smalling
David Smith
David Smith
Jas Smith
Mandy Smith
Timothy Smith
Larry Spradling
Kathy Sprinkle
Eric and Suzanne Stangland
Shamus Staubach
Bruce Stoker
Linda Strayer
Tom Sturm
Troy Supple
Kevin Sweasy
Don Thie
Janie Thomas
Heather Thorpe
Dave Thurman
Robert Tinsky
David Toundas
JoEllen Vance
David & Donna Vaughan
Carol Wagner
Brian Walker
Don Walls
Brenda Webb
Jack Weston
Kelley Westwood
Justin White
Stephen White
Jennifer Willard
Byron Williams
Anne Wilson
Shawn Wuske