CCP Tuition and Fee Information

Cincinnati Christian University is happy to work with school districts, public and private, as well as parents who have elected to provide Homeschooled Instruction.  The tuition rate and fees for Hamilton County, Butler County, and other Ohio county students is provided to schools on an annual basis.  Cincinnati Christian University has a completed Memorandum of Understanding with our “partner schools” that clearly outline the rights, responsibilities and fee structure for each district.  Additionally, Cincinnati Christian University has partnerships with school districts outside the state of Ohio.

  • The program is free for public school students.
  • Some private and homeschooled students may receive state funding.
  • Cincinnati Christian University has a “Parent Pay Option” for students who are still in high school.  This is at a dramatically reduced tuition hour rate.
  • All students who enroll receive a waiver for Cincinnati Christian University’s registration fee.
  • Cincinnati Christian University provides textbooks on loan for its students.
  • Lab fees and other required course materials are the responsibility of the school district and or the student (parents/guardians).