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Complete classes online or on-campus to earn college credit while fulfilling high school requirements

The CCU Bridge Academy provides students in grades 9-12 a convenient and affordable way to enroll in college-level courses for Post-Secondary/Dual Credit. After high school graduation, CCU Bridge Academy classes can be applied toward a CCU degree or transferred to other colleges.*

The Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEO) allows high school students from the state of Ohio to earn college credit and/or high school graduation credit through completing non-sectarian college-level course work. Fees for tuition and books are funded by the high school’s state foundation and are paid directly to CCU.

The CCU Bridge Academy offers incredible benefits including:
• A faith-based curriculum in subjects like Science, English, Math, Psychotherapy, and History,
• Classes available online or on-campus
• Small class sizes with individual attention
• A reduced tuition rate

The official start for classes this fall is August 25, 2014. Applications are now being accepted. Apply as soon as possible for Fall Enrollment.

*CCU is a fully-accredited institution of higher learning. The ability to transfer courses is dependent upon several factors, ultimately determined by the transfer policies of the respective school.