Mary Shadle Currie

Mary Emlyn Shadle Currie (pictured in the center) was able to earn a living for her family because of the education she received from (then) Cincinnati Bible Seminary, graduating in 1940. Widowed in 1966, she taught school in Central Florida for 37 years. Her Christian example of leadership and motherhood inspired her three children to become (1) a Ph.D. in Economics, Finance, and Statistics, (2) a M.D. specializing in Neuroradiology and (3) a prominent business executive. Through Mary's hard work, her children graduated college with no school loans!

She was a Founder of the First Christian Church - Winter Park, FL, in the 1950s and has remained a faithful member there for over 60 years. She is concerned about how many in our country appear to be leaving the Lord. She is proud of CCU, it's graduates and their potential to make a positive, meaningful impact in leading others to Christ for benefit of His blessings. Her life priorities have always been (in this particular order), her Faith, Family, and Friends. Since 1955, Mary Emlyn Shadle Currie continues to live in the Central Florida home she was able to pay for through the Lord's blessing.