IRB (Institutional Research Board)

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Cincinnati Christian University provides independent oversight of compliance in research and related activities involving the use of human subjects. The CCU IRB is established to ensure that research involving human participants provides adequate protections for potential physical or psychological harm. Further, the IRB ensures that the institution and individuals conducting research with human participants complies with federal regulations. With this responsibility, the IRB reviews all research activities, regardless of funding, which involves human subjects for compliance with applicable federal, state, local, and institutional regulations, guidelines, and ethical research principles. All funded and non-funded research activities involving human subjects must be reviewed and approved under IRB procedures, prior to contacting any participants or collecting any data. The IRB has the authority to approve, require modifications in (to secure approval), and disapprove research proposals and to suspend or terminate research that is not conducted in accordance with the IRB’s requirements or that has been associated with unexpected serious harm to subjects.

Any IRB questions should be emailed to