Arts & Sciences

Arts & Sciences Department

Program Description

The Arts & Sciences Department of Cincinnati Christian University serves two roles. First, it undergirds all the programs of the University, seeking, in particular, to develop CCU students into well-rounded individuals as part of the school's vision statement. Second, the department administers several degree programs, either individually or in partnership with other departments or colleges.

In both roles, the department seeks to lead each student to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Communicate effectively in both oral and written forms in a variety of rhetorical contexts, including Standard English.
  • Adeptly utilize modern research, writing, and technological tools.
  • Identify decisive events and ideas in the human experience and assess their
    influences on modern culture and thought.
  • Employ critical and creative thinking, mathematic, and scientific principles for
    problem solving, literary and socio-cultural analysis, intercultural understanding, and research in the sciences and humanities.
  • Demonstrate the integration of academic insights and experiences by constructing and employing a personal framework in which ethical decisions can be made in light of societal values and a Christian worldview.

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Paul Friskney

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